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Top Five Favorites from Day Two of Couture 2018

Day Two of Couture 2018 was just as busy as Day One! Las Vegas was sizzling with heat and luckily the jewelry show was inside the Wynn, where the air conditioning was blowing and cold beverages were constantly being served. I was pumped to visit with designers, learn about their collections and get to know everyone a little more. There’s nothing like the face-to-face contact of going to jewelry shows like this. You could “like” every single photo a certain designer posts on Instagram and read their captions, but having an in-person conversation with them is such a deeper understanding and appreciation. The Couture Show can be a lot of stress and a lot of hard work, but the connections that one can make with others in this industry are far more rewarding than not attending at all.

Here’s just a quick glimpse into my favorites from Day Two! Thanks again to Lauren Newman Photography for capturing some great jewelry moments.

Yael Sonia | Gem Gossip

1 — Yael Sonia: I visited the Brazilian designer last year and was blown away, so I wanted to make sure to secure an appointment again this year. I loved all the malachite that was incorporated this year into her collections and the rings are so modern, chic. The newest collection, the Orbital Collection, is sculptural and grand. Love their tagline, “jewelry in motion, for women in motion.”

Dana Bronfman | Gem Gossip

2 — Dana Bronfman: This was my first time seeing Dana’s pieces up close and personal, and it was a joy to see someone so passionate about both design and gemstones. I absolutely loved her lapis + rutilated quartz pieces, I’m wearing two necklaces above. The backside of the pendant, which you can’t see, features Dana’s signature oculus design which allows for a connection between the wearer and the stone. Love that detail!

Moritz Glik | Gem Gossip

3 — Moritz Glik: The new pieces that Moritz has been slowly revealing over on Instagram had me hooked! I had to see him in Vegas and to much of my delight, they are even better in person. His concept is simple — take a kaleidoscope and bring it to life! So between panes of white sapphire, gemstones are freely floating, making them “shake” (they sound amazing too). The above were just some of my favorites.

Loren Nicole | Gem Gossip

4 — Loren Nicole: Between her display that looked like a pirate ship’s sunken treasure to her $59k handmade 22k yellow gold belt, Loren really brought her A-game to Couture this year! I was blown away by how desirable her pieces are and how wearable her pieces are. The necklace I’m wearing above is a fringe-style piece with a variety of gemstones. Lots of pastel colors mixed with the warm gold make for a spectacular combination.

Anthony Lent Jewelry | Gem Gossip

5 — Anthony Lent Jewelry: Year after year, I’ve been visiting Anthony Lent’s booth since the first time he was at Couture. I don’t usually visit designers consecutively because I like to allow myself to see new people, but his work is an exception. With every new collection, the pieces get more intense, more composed and better than the year before. I don’t notice that often…in fact, there were several designers this year that I thought went off in a weird direction, maybe chasing a trend, rather than perfecting what they’ve already created. These earrings above are a perfect example of that!

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Photos by Lauren Newman Photography.