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Family Heirlooms: My Grandparents’ Wedding Rings

The past week has been crazy, with an unexpected trip back North to where I used to call home. My grandpa has been sick and we finally got a chance to go see him. It was uplifting to get a chance to talk about jewelry with my… Read More

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Engagement/Wedding Rings

The Quest for the Perfect Engagement Ring

Photos via Ariel Gordon's Blog Some days I can't even imagine how difficult it would be to pick out an engagement ring--then there's other days where I'm like "I definitely just want an Emerald cut solitaire." But then a week later, that idea is out the window. I recently was reading some fellow jewelers' blogs and couldn't stop admiring the above photos. Each and every one of those rings is truly beautiful in their own way. I think myself and any other woman out there, would be completely proud if she owned one of the above. Sentiment over style is a good thing to keep in mind. Jeweler Ariel Gordon is on the quest for her perfect ring, which is even harder to do while trying to match up an 80 year old heirloom wedding band! Hey Ariel, when you find it, send us a picture--we'd love to post it here on Gem Gossip! And good luck!! Here are some engagement rings that stood out to me--of course the real test would be trying them on to see if it truly "fits" you. This one is a beautiful Edwardian Era ring, with a 1/2 carat cushion cut diamond in the center, 14k white gold. There are old mine and rose cut diamonds surrounding the center stone, which give this ring a lot of character--and .70 carats worth! Price: $1650 from Israel Rose. I love this option because it is simple (the solitaire) yet has some beautiful scrollwork in the setting. This is from the Victorian Era, and is very unique with the diamond being an Old Mine cut. Can't find that anymore! The setting is 10k yellow gold and total weight of .80 carats. Price: $2850 from Israel Rose. I find the baguette cut, as well as the emerald cut, to be so intriguing. It looks like sharp ice to me. That is why this ring is so great, not only does it have a classic, fiery round diamond, but some baguette accents that really give it an Art Deco feel. This one is from the 1950s, all set in platinum. The center round is 1 carat, Old Mine cut. Price: $6300 from Israel Rose. Read More

Engagement/Wedding Rings

Conflict-Free & Eco-Friendly Diamond Rings

If you haven't already "greened" up every aspect of your life, now is your chance to reform your diamond ring.  These are not only conflict-free diamonds, but they are also made of recycled gold.  There are over a dozen of these rings featured on Fay Cullen, each unique in their own way. Designed to resemble a "Medieval" look, all are crafted with 18k hammered, yellow gold.  All are rough cut, with darker colors...some brown, some gray, some even a shade of green.  Taking into account carat weight and price, these are an amazing deal!   Whether it is a fashion statement, an eco-conscious movement, or a token of love, these rings are sure to please. 4.35 carats, Price: [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption=600 3.14 carats, Price: [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="3.14 carats, Price: $1950"][/caption]950 2.11 carats, Price: [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="2.11 carats, Price: $1560"][/caption]560 Read More

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Rachel Bilson’s Engagement Ring

The paparazzi got a quick glimpse of Rachel Bilson's new engagement ring. It looks as though it is a solitaire, possibly round cut set in either white gold or platinum. No idea about the carat weight, but being that the photo was shot from afar and it still looks big, I'd say it is at least 3 carats. More details will soon emerge, I'm sure, but it is always exciting to see an engagement ring of anyone's--whether they are famour or not! There is so much meaning behind these significant pieces of jewelry. Rachel's ring definitely suits her style, best wishes for the happy couple! Read More

Engagement/Wedding Rings

isee2 Diamonds: Beauty Beyond Compare

A ring is a ring, is a ring.  I love it when I see diamond companies creating unique settings that show off a diamond's true beauty.  There are too many times where we see the same old, same old.  Coming across the brand isee2 Diamonds is a breath of fresh air!  As you can see below, their designs are interesting and are not something you see everyday, in every jewelry shop.  They would catch people's attention and get compliments forever!  Whether used as a right-hand ring or the engagement ring, any of these would be beautiful--all live up to the company's slogan: Beauty Beyond Compare. Read More

Engagement/Wedding Rings

New David Yurman Bridal Collection

After such high demand and extensive waiting time, David Yurman has finally released the bridal collection.  His classic American look he has always been known for resonates into the bridal collection as well.  The famous cable-like metal work is featured in the engagement rings.  I love the crossover band, as seen in the picture.  It is so simple, yet has such character and would stay beautiful for years to come.  The diamond even has a patented cut, called the David Yurman Signature Cut.  It gives the brilliant cut a run for its money, while adding a cushion cut component to it.  Besides the David Yurman Signature Cut, another favorite of mine is his spin on the oval cut.  Usually turned vertically, David Yurman has horizontally placed the oval cut diamond to give the ring such a unique look.  For more information, check out the website.  There, you can see a few other designs as well as make an appointment to view/purchase. Read More