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Family Heirlooms: My Grandparents’ Wedding Rings

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The past week has been crazy, with an unexpected trip back North to where I used to call home. My grandpa has been sick and we finally got a chance to go see him. It was uplifting to get a chance to talk about jewelry with my grandma. Oddly enough she has never showed me her original engagement ring–so when she pulled it out, in all its retro-glory, I was amazed. My grandparents immigrated to the United States in the ’50s and they have a unique story. Not having enough money for both of them to journey here, my grandmother came first by herself on a boat–8 long days and nights. Meanwhile, my grandfather served in the Italian Army and saved his money for an entire year before he was able to make the trip and be with his love! Their story involves loyalty, love and sacrifice, important elements that are still a part of their lives today, after 54 years of marriage.


[my grandparents, a true Italian-American family…can you spot my dad?!]