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Tip from Brilliant Earth: Add some Color to your Hand

A helpful summer tip that comes straight from Brilliant Earth, Ethical Origin Fine Jewelry, is add some color to your hand!  This is the perfect summertime tip when bright colors are everywhere and your hand should reflect just that.  It’s often easy to get stuck in a rut wearing the same rings everyday.  You should buy some rings with pops of color or a big colored gemstone.  There are so many choices, just go with a favorite color or a color that goes well with a special summertime outfit.  Here are some great picks from Brilliant Earth:


Ariel_top_t_w300_h300 Florence_top_t_w300_h300 BGC9999_Ribbons_top_t_w300_h300 Mariposa_top_t_w300_h300 Helioise_top_t_w300_h300 Holly_top_t_w300_h300 Delanie_top-1_t_w300_h300 Coline_top_t_w300_h300 Wilhelmina_top_2_1_1_t_w300_h300