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My Top Five Favorite Engagement Rings from Sylvie Collection

Sylvie Collection | Gem Gossip

SPONSORED October always reminds me of love, new beginnings and weddings (my wedding was on October 21, 2015). This time of year I always like to revisit engagement ring styles, scoping out the latest trends and seeing what brides are wanting. Just as much as ring selfies were so very popular a few years ago, they still are even more today. If you’re thinking about ring shopping, you know how important that will be when your time comes to say yes to the proposal. I’m learning how a variety of styles suit all personalities out there. If there’s one suggestion to make, I would say to find a designer that creates many unique engagement rings so you can find one that speaks to you most. Sylvie Collection has been creating designer engagement and wedding rings since 2007 and offers over 2000 different styles to choose from. I find her designs to speak toward femininity and elegance, as every design is made by a woman for a woman. Sylvie is involved in every aspect of the ring design and that truly shows.

With so many unique engagement ring styles, where do I even begin?! I decided to narrow down my parameters and find my top five favorites from Sylvie Collection. These are my favorites for so many reasons, the first being how classic and timeless they all are. Secondly, don’t forget you can customize any of these styles with your preference of metal choice or diamond shape (so if you see a setting that you love that made for a round diamond, but you have your heart set on an oval diamond, fear not that can easily be changed).

Let’s discuss each one:

Sylvie Collection | Gem Gossip

Roial by Sylvie Collection, S1392

We all know how much I love vintage and antique jewelry. This style from Sylvie Collection marries both elegance with old world charm. The filigree metalwork is reminiscent of 1920s Art Deco era, and with details like diamond accents and milgrain lines, it will easily transport you back in time every moment you glance at it. The one I borrowed is white gold but you can also get it in yellow or rose gold. I love the four-prong setting and the fact that it can easily be paired with a multitude of wedding bands. Begin your journey with a vintage style ring like this one and you’ll be sure to add sentiment and memories along the way!

Sylvie Collection | Gem Gossip

Athena by Sylvie Collection, S1P14

Classic, modern, timeless, and beautiful. Just some of the words that come to mind when staring at this engagement ring from Sylvie Collection. I love how lightweight and dainty it feels on my finger, something I wouldn’t mind wearing every day for the rest of my life. Don’t forget to check for comfort when searching for your engagement ring; this one earns five stars. It has a matching band or you can opt for several because this ring can easily stack. A future anniversary band maybe? Or push present? The possibilities are endless with something so versatile like this ring!

Sylvie Collection | Gem Gossip

Oval Engagement ring by Sylvie Collection, S1876

Are you obsessed with oval diamonds like I am?! This special setting is made for a 2-carat oval and incorporates motifs like the marquise shape and floral patterns. I can imagine a boho-inspired wedding with this ring being center-of-attention. This setting is slightly lifted for seamless wedding band stacking and easy access for sunlight to light up the ring. I also love the halo of diamonds surrounding the center stone and how unique it is compared to a typical ring of diamonds. So beautiful!

Sylvie Collection | Gem Gossip

Sylvie Collection | Gem Gossip

Yellow Gold Spiral Engagement ring by Sylvie Collection, S1975

Do you like fine details? This ring caught my eye because of the twist of diamonds and gold, like a garland full of sparkle. It is both dainty and elegant with a hint of cool girl and can be made in white, yellow or rose gold. The classic four-prong setting will allow you to find the diamond of your dreams and show it off perfectly. And as for wedding bands?! I have so many fun ideas for this setting, I don’t know where to begin! What would you stack it with?!

Sylvie Collection | Gem Gossip

White Gold Modern Vintage Engagement Ring by Sylvie Collection, S1925

This style is brand new for Sylvie and I am loving it. Each diamond is nestled amongst a marquise motif with two on either side of the main center stone. The mounting I’m wearing in the photo is for a 1.50 carat and although most people would say a halo makes diamonds appear bigger than they actually are, I think this setting does too without adding too much. I love the milgrain detailing along each marquise shape, giving it a vintage look. Do you like this style in white gold or would you prefer yellow?!

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