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The Gentleman’s Guide to Buying Vintage Engagement Rings

So you know that she wants a vintage engagement ring, but what now? This handy and comprehensive guide, written by the experts at Estate Diamond Jewelry will hopefully shed some light on a journey fraught with potential pitfalls for the uninformed, and make the whole process much… Read More

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Engagement/Wedding Rings

Newsflash: There are NO RULES to Engagement Rings, Married or Not!

My engagement ring, all original Victorian diamond bypass ring My newly acquired alternative, “everyday” engagement ring from MaeJean Vintage My husband’s one-finger stack of all his wedding bands, he likes to change out depending… Read More

Engagement/Wedding Rings

Ring Envy Over at Gerard Leon in Los Angeles!

Los Angeles is home to so many amazing jewelry designers, antique and estate jewelry shops and jewelry artisans. Luckily, I found Gerard Leon who specializes in handcrafted engagement rings, vintage and antique, as well as a talent for hand engraving! An engagement represents a time of celebration and… Read More

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Engagement/Wedding Rings

Say “I Do” with The Eden Collective’s Bridal Collection

As much as I needed a bridal selection like this when I first began to even think about engagement rings, I’m glad The Eden Collective is just now launching this fine, curated selection.  I wouldn’t know which to choose, there are so many stunning, heirloom pieces… Read More

Engagement/Wedding Rings

30 Days of Engagement Rings: The Best of the Best Right Now!

As my big day is looming closer and closer, I’ve decided to dedicate all of August to bringing you the best out there in terms of engagement rings! So if you’re in the market for an engagement ring or wanting to upgrade/redesign your current one, this is the ultimate… Read More

Engagement/Wedding Rings

Custom Wedding Bands Fit for Your Antique Engagement Ring

  With today’s trends leaning toward unique engagement rings, especially antique pieces, many future brides are having trouble finding the perfect wedding band to complement their ring. Quinn’s Goldsmith has been solving this dilemma since 1990. Whether you have an Art… Read More