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Designer Spotlight: Sarah Perlis

If you ever wanted fine, handmade jewelry then Sarah Perlis is a jewelry designer that you need to check out!  She likes to create jewelry that is eco-conscious, so she melts her own gold in her studio, located in New York City.  Her designs use 18k and 22k gold, gemstones and diamonds.  Sarah Perlis has a popular collection called "In the Rough" which incorporates 22k recycled gold and rough diamonds that have been panned and not mined.  The panning method does not release toxic chemicals into the environment, like how mining often does. Take a look at my favorites from her collection, which can be ordered from her website.  There are more great pieces to look at on there as well! Personalized jewelry is fun and quite popular. Whether you get your initial, your significant other's, or a secret crush's, this is an all around easy-to-wear necklace. I like how it also comes with a gold heart charm and a tiny diamond charm. This piece is done in 20k gold and is $595. You can also get this necklace without the heart charm, for $435. This ring is so adorable! Sarah Perlis was definitely thinking outside the box when she created this piece. I never would have thought to attach a gemstone in that way--sort of looks like one flower petal. This ring features a pink sapphire and a rose-cut diamond, in 20k gold. Price: $840 I like this chain necklace because it could be worn in so many different ways. It would look great alone, or layered with other necklaces. Who ever thought a simple chain could make such a bold statement? It is 20k and 18k gold and priced at $480. Read More

Designer Jewelry

Gem Gossip’s Pick of the Week!

I've decided to start a weekly post for my pick of the week.  There are no rules or stipulations--just whatever bracelet, necklace, ring, or earrings I feel should be mentioned, or is currently on my personal wish list.  Hopefully you will enjoy my choices, and you can even chime in with items you've spotted that you just "can't live without!"  Feel free to post links in the comments section below each weekly "pick of the week!"  So check back every Wednesday. This week's pick is this princess skull necklace. It is made of 9k gold, and rubies with white sapphires. Definitely a glammed up version of the rocker chic look. The shape almost resembles a cross--done purposely? Not sure, but you can purchase this at Kabiri which is a website that houses all sorts of eclectic pieces of jewelry from across the pond. Check it out at www.kabiri.co.uk Read More

Designer Jewelry

Designer Spotlight: Karen Karch

When I came across jewelry designer Karen Karch and her website, it was like Christmas morning for me. Every time I clicked "next page" I got more and more thrilled by her jewelry designs. Talk about one-of-a-kind! Brides-to-be love her organic and simply stunning engagement rings. They are different, and will continue to be beautiful throughout your lifetime. Brides can choose from a wide range of wedding bands, many featuring vines and tiara shapes. White and Cognac diamonds are used in engagement style rings. Karch also has some breath-taking everyday jewelry. Her collection features lapis, jade, coral, turquoise and tiger's eye. Any jewelry lover who is not familiar with Karch's designs should check out her site--you will love it! The bright blue of the lapis against the yellow gold really makes this ring stand out. The band is made out of golden vines, which give the ring an organic look. The lapis is rose cut, making it even more unique. The prongs look like claws--so neat! Price is $4200, and the ring is called Spellbound. Karch has many lucky horn pendants in her collection. You can purchase them in turquoise, jade, coral, onyx, tiger's eye, even a diamond encrusted horn. Some have different caps, having more or less diamonds...it depends on your style (and budget!) This one is the most simple, and is green jade. Price: $1900 This is called the Supreme ring--the name says it all. The black diamonds really contrast against the 18k rose gold. Tiny white diamonds border around the center stone. The total carat weight of diamonds in this ring is 2.17, price $6800. Read More

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Designer Jewelry

Get Familiar: Karen Karch

Want more?  Stay tuned. Read More

Designer Jewelry

Cute Critter Jewels

There has been an increase in animal and critter jewelry lately.  Have you noticed?  It kind of started off with the enamel bangles that were zebra or leopard that became popular.  Now, the trend has transformed into something less tacky, where there is a subtle creature encrusted in diamonds on a necklace or ring.  I've seen owls, panthers, turtles, crabs, and many snakes.  I found a few favorites that I would wear...these are two little birds and an alligator!  I don't necessarily recommend wearing them all together though! The first little bird comes from designer Elisa Solomon. This necklace is so charming and I just love the yellow gold/turquoise combination. That precious metal and stone combo creates such a pretty look. The bird has a diamond for an eye set in 18k yellow gold. The price on this necklace is $600. Do you have a thing for Lacoste polos? That cute little embroidered alligator? Well here's a golden and diamond encrusted version of that same alligator! Lena Wald has created this unique necklace, which is 14k yellow gold and 16" long. It is $242 and can be found at Twist. I love this little enamel birdie ring designed by eclectic designer Solange Azagury-Partridge. I wish I knew price details. On her website, you can view her interesting jewelry designs--like none other! She is located in London, so I'm not even sure if her pieces can be found for purchase here in the U.S. Read More

Designer Jewelry

Mother’s Jewelry; The good, the bad, the ugly

When I used to work at a jewelry store, we got so many shoppers looking for mother's jewelry--something that commemorates children, like birthstones or children charms. We had a few choices to give our customers, all of which I think were very ugly and not elegant at all. Being a mother should be something someone should be very proud of, and by wearing a large golden boy charm is not my idea of celebrating that! Or a golden pacifier?! We also had mother's rings, which were very popular. Most were heart shaped, and made out of birthstones. I have some better suggestions than the "usual" for any mother out there that wants to commemorate their children in the form of jewelry. You don't have to go with what everyone else does--start your own tradition or trend. One idea is from jewelry designer John Christian. The Continuous Life Wheel Pendant features your children's names on one side, and then their birthstones on the other. They go around in a circle, which is even more symbolic. I just think wearing a necklace like this is way more elegant and trendy than wearing boy or girl charms. You can even choose between 14k or 18k gold, even platinum. Prices range from $690-$2600. Another idea is to simply buy an eternity band in your child's birthstone, and engrave their name and maybe even birthdate on the inside. It wouldn't matter what finger, you can decide which is most comfortable. You can continue to stack the rings as your family grows. This one is from QVC and priced at $161. It is blue zircon, which could be for a December baby. I've also come across something even more personalized. Those cute, little drawings your little one first makes are always memorable. Why not treasure them forever in gold? This company takes your child's drawings and turns them into jewelry! Such a neat idea and the many examples show how exact the picture is to the jewelry. Check it out! The prices are unknown since you have to send in the drawing to get a quote. Read More