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Ring Scene at Delamina

I found four perfect rings, to be worn at the same time, on two hands, all in one place!  That would be Delamina.  I like picking out ring combinations, whether its mixing new with vintage, or white gold with yellow gold, you can’t go wrong.  It depends on your style; go with your gut!  I would wear these rings in this order:  



The bold Peruvian opal and matte 18k gold looks like you’ve acquired this on some extensive travels. Love the star set diamonds, creates even more of an eclectic feel. Price: $3875, designed by Susan Foster, at Delamina.


Don’t be afraid to mix white and yellow metal. This platinum filigree ring looks like it should have been worn in the 20s. It is actually brand new and features an amazing moonstone. Price: $5000 and is eligible for $500 Delamina Dollars off the price, for more info click here.


So bold, and the pear-shape is the best cut for this sort of ring. That stone is a chalcedony, which is the prettiest powder blue you’ll ever lay eyes on. Done in 18k yellow gold and designed by Dov Pedah. Price: $3000 at Delamina.


A band of black diamonds is all you need next to 31 carats of chalcedony! This beautiful band is done in 18k yellow gold and is designed by Ian Saude. Price: $2105 at Delamina.

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