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Celebrity Jewelry

Celeb Jewels: Can You Guess Who?

Try to guess which celebrity each of these jeweled hands belong to!! I will post the answers in one week! ANSWERS: (top to bottom) Rita Ora Scarlett Johansson Sarah Jessica Parker Naomi Watts Jennifer Lopez… Read More

Celebrity Jewelry

Elizabeth Olsen at Paris Fashion Week

Love the laid back look of Elizabeth Olsen in Paris during Paris Fashion Week. Not only is her style on point, but her rings are too–with two stacks of rings on each index finger, and a bold ring on the one middle finger.  The Olsens never disappoint!… Read More

Celebrity Jewelry

2013 Oscar Jewelry

The 2013 Oscars this year were very exciting–as the first few ladies stepped onto the red carpet, I knew it would be a night filled with precise jewelry choices. My live tweeting was interrupted for a solid hour with blueberry muffin-making, however I got most of what I… Read More

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Celebrity Jewelry

Mila Kunis for Gemfields

Not only does the new campaign for Gemfields feature the stunning Mila Kunis, but it also showcases an even more gorgeous emerald one-of-a-kind ring designed by Alexandra Mor.  The ring is set with one sugar-loaf emerald that weighs 26.16 carats, along with pave diamonds.  Both Alexandra… Read More

Celebrity Jewelry

Kim Kardashian is Cartier Obsessed

    Kim Kardashian‘s jewelry box must be full of Cartier!  I’m surprised she isn’t making them change their name to Kartier!  With Instagram posts showcasing her newly acquired bling which Kanye gifted to her–each just amazingly awesome.  It is estimated that the bracelets in both photos… Read More

Celebrity Jewelry

Guess the celebrity jewelry game!

Can you guess which celebrity is strutting the red carpet wearing these gorgeous jewels??  I will reveal the answers in one week!  Good luck!! ANSWERS: (top to bottom) Jennifer Lopez Anne Hathaway Julianne Moore Emmanuelle Chirqui… Read More