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Custom Portrait Silhouette Charm from Le Papier Studio

Since having my son Gino I’ve become overly obnoxious about having every little keepsake possible out there in the jewelry world that can be personalized to represent him. Whether that entails engraving his name, a cute letter G, his zodiac, his birthstone, his Chinese New Year animal…you… Read More

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Education & Advice

Demystifying Opal — What is Boulder Opal

One of my favorite gemstones is OPAL — so it comes as no surprise I often sell lots of opal pieces over on shopGemGossip. Recently, I sold out of the boulder opal pendants I posted, which gained a lot of attention for their beauty but also a… Read More

Guest Posts

Q & A with Catherine Sarr of Almasika Jewelry

The cowrie shell plays a fundamental role in the collections of Catherine Sarr, the French designer behind Almasika Fine Jewelry—and there’s little wonder why. The cowrie, a mollusk which originates in the Indian Ocean, was utilized as money in various parts of the world for at… Read More

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Q & A Interviews

Q & A with Hannah Ward Designer of Trove Box

You don’t know how important it is to find a great jewelry box until you start actually collecting fine jewelry and attempt to find the best storage solution that works for you. I of course LOVE my jewelry cabinet but recently found myself continually displaying charms… Read More

Guest Posts

We’re Rating Scarecrow Brooches Now

Welcome to the wonderful world of mid-century scarecrow brooches! Oh, sorry–you thought we were gonna stop giving you nightmare fuel after that pearl story? Haha ok. A primer, just in case: scarecrows are… I mean they’re pretty self-explanatory? They are supposed to scare crows. They’re human-esque figures made… Read More


Gem Gossip Launches Fine Jewelry Collection on QVC

Growing up with an obsession for jewelry in the late 80s/early 90s had limited resources to learn from (no internet or computer) so when I discovered @qvc in my middle school years, it was everything! I would… Read More