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A New Chain Style Releases Today – The Trombone Link

Happening Today! I’ve been on the hunt for a chain that needed to be incredibly versatile and I’ve finally found it! Now, I’m offering it to you. This “unicorn” of a chain had to be substantial enough to be worn alone, as well as layer-friendly. I wanted… Read More

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Gem Gossip Challenge – Jewelry Calendar of Themes

Every year, as a new year approaches, I try to think of some goals to accomplish. These usually end up not going very far or become a waste of time. This year I tried something new – I created a challenge to push myself to create content for 30… Read More

Jewelry Collection Stories

Jewelry Collection Stories – Tiffany of ShopAuroro

Today’s featured jewelry collector is Tiffany of Auroro. She is based out of California and would visit Lang Antiques in San Francisco growing up with her mom – talk about ideal childhood! Her jewelry repertoire involves both vintage and antique, as well as… Read More

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Jewelry Collection Stories

Jewelry Collection Stories – Beth of RoCo Heirlooms

Today’s featured jewelry collector is Beth of RoCo Heirlooms. Beth has an incredible eye for antiques and her necklace stacks and charm combinations are out of this world! Speaking of out of this world, her husband is a former astronomer so celestial motifs are one… Read More


Holiday ’22 Jewel Drop #6 – Mirror Chains + Big Gem Charms

If you loved the Sparkle chain + gem charm jewel drop, you will love today’s as well! Our popular Mirror chain is back for the first time after selling out last holiday season. This time we’ve added some incredibly unique gem charms to these chains – gems like… Read More


Holiday ’22 Jewel Drop #5 – Shining Star Charms for Miscarriage

Everyone’s journey to Motherhood is different – some are straight lines, while others look more like a wild roller coaster. Although having a miscarriage is very much common, it’s a reality that none of us want to face or go at alone. After suffering two miscarriages… Read More