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Designer Jewelry

Holiday ’22 Jewel Drop #2 – Nathalie Siman Jewelry

Putting together these special Friday Holiday Jewel Drops has been so fun!  Our first drop happened last Friday and it was the Custom Photo Charms. Today I’m featuring a special designer whose work I absolutely love — Nathalie Siman. She is based out of Guatemala and has been… Read More

Jewelry Collection Stories

Jewelry Collection Stories – Ish of Ishy Antiques

Today’s featured jewelry collector is Ish of Ishy Antiques. He is a longtime friend and I’ve watched him grow his business from the very beginning. I have a really special ring from him that features a wonky old cut diamond set in a celestial… Read More

My Jewel Box

My Jewel Box – A Special 38th Birthday Locket

The years keep flying by and I just looked back on my blog to see when the first “birthday jewel” was revealed here on this page. So funny to see just how long ago that was — I turned 26, so the year was 2010 and I received a… Read More

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Jewelry Collection Stories

Jewelry Collection Stories – Kristina of Wysh Collective

Today’s featured jewelry collector is Kristina of Wysh Collective. She is based out of Canada and not only is she a jewelry obsessor/fan, she also sells antique and vintage pieces. Another aspect she specializes in is creating bespoke and one-of-a-kind pieces, like incredible engagement… Read More

Q & A Interviews

Q & A with Gem Bank 1973

SPONSORED Today we have the privilege of getting to know Gemma of Gem Bank 1973 – a UK-based antique & vintage jewelry treasure trove that sells the most incredible pieces!  Gemma is 3rd generation in the jewelry business and has taken things online to all those worldwide jewelry… Read More

One to Follow

For My Valued Customers – Gem Gossip Frequent Buyer Card

Introducing the Frequent Buyer Card! @shopGemGossip is launching a new digital punch card, so you can buy more and be rewarded! Believe it or not, about 80% of my sales are from repeat customers—people who have been buying pieces from me for several years, people… Read More