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Family Jewels — Ross Nacht, 4th Generation

I sat on the couch with a three-scoop ice cream cone (naturally) while 9 months pregnant and let my mind wander about what my future son would be when he grew up. I am very lucky to be in the jewelry industry — in fact, sometimes I think that… Read More

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Fine and Important Jewelry Sale at Hindman Auctions Set for May 14th, 2020

Coming up at auction are some gorgeous, noteworthy jewels that I’d love to bring to your attention. Hindman Auctions continues to bring the best of the best and although this sale had been delayed due to COVID-19, it is now set for May 14th, 2020 and totally worth… Read More

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2020 Jewelry & Design Trends

Several weeks ago I asked everyone in an Instagram question — what are some trends you’ve been noticing in regards to jewelry. I made sure to point out that I highly dislike the word “trend,” however there’s not really a more superior word that describes something… Read More

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Gold Initial Pendants for Mother’s Day

This year’s Mother’s Day celebrations may be a little different than any other year. We might be confined to a video chat or simply waving from a distance. We might be unemployed, unsure of the future, or feeling major anxiety. Some of us… Read More

Education & Advice

How to Support Local Jewelers During the Coronavirus Crisis

Hope everyone is staying safe inside and keeping healthy during this crazy time. I’m not one who watches the news, so the first time I heard of coronavirus was when I traveled to Tucson for the gem shows earlier this year. I don’t think anyone could have predicted… Read More

Jewels at my Doorstep

Jewels at my Doorstep — Marmari Jewelry

Sponsored Content Attraction. Wish Upon a Star. Light Years Away. A Star is Born. Happy Hour. These are the names of Marmari’s five main jewelry collections, each having their own identity, yet are all a part of… Read More