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Breastfeeding Jewelry — My Own Unique Charm

Breastfeeding journey — this special piece from Heather B. Moore commemorates 8 months (8 scattered diamonds) of breastfeeding Gino. One of the toughest, most arduous, rewarding, incredible elements of motherhood. Everyone’s journey is different and mine started out optimistic and as with most things I do in… Read More

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5 Easy Steps to Insure the Jewelry that Means the Most to You

Many people are aware they should insure their jewelry, but may fear the task of another policy or payment to worry about, or they assume that it is included in their homeowner’s insurance policy. And while nobody plans to lose their jewelry, it happens to the best of us. Read More

Guest Posts

Rating Freaky Pearl Jewelry is Our New Favorite Thing

Pearls are pretenders. There; I said it. Their glossy, incandescent exteriors fail to reveal the true madness of their conception: an irritant (actually usually a PARASITE, not a grain of sand, as the pearl lobby would have you believe) embeds itself into the soft bits of a shelled creature—oyster,… Read More

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Quarantine Connection — Jewelry Purchases that Comforted Us All

In times of unknown or uncertainty, sometimes it is something as simple as a piece of jewelry that helps heal, comfort and connect us all. I’ve noticed a trend…a small surge in interest in jewelry, whether that’s for educational or buying purposes I’m not sure, but people are flocking… Read More

Education & Advice

Why the Jewelry Industry Needs to Join Tik Tok & Ten Best Tips

We’re 150 or so days deep into quarantine, so by now you may or may not have fallen into the black hole that is Tik Tok. In my opinion, it is more addicting than any other social media app out there and is able to waste time at dangerously… Read More

Guest Posts

Q & A with White/Space Jewelry

Exciting happenings today — this blog feature is the first of a monthly series from Asia of @iRockGems where she will be interviewing some movers and shakers within the jewelry industry that are Black & POC. Today’s interview features Khadijah Fulton of White/Space Jewelry. Take it… Read More