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Unisex Jewelry — A Tale from Jenn of @bellflowerbay

One day, I noticed my husband, Mike, peering intently at my necklace holder, letting the chains pool in his palm as he tested the weight. “Uhh whatcha doing?” I asked, keeping close watch. “Oh,” he replied casually, “I think I want to… Read More

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Designer Jewelry

New Jewelry Collections from Always Aleda

You’ve often heard of the phrase new phone, who dis? Something Aleda can say about the progression and development of her jewelry skills and aesthetic, as she has intensely been honing her collection while finding her place in the jewelry industry. As much as she… Read More

Jewelry Collection Stories

Jewelry Collection Stories — Katmojo Jewelry

Today’s Jewelry Collection Story comes from Katmojo Jewelry — one of my newest favorites to follow on Instagram. Her necklace stacks have everyone swooning and wanting to know more about the person behind these finely curated wonders, as each photo she posts is like a Eye-Spy… Read More

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Education & Advice

Black & POC Fine Jewelry Designers, Stores & Dealers

It’s extremely disheartening to see the cyclical headlines, as it doesn’t seem like America is making progress in racial equality & unity. Protests have ignited across the country in response to the latest wave of violent acts against Black Americans and we can no longer stay silent or continue… Read More

Antique & Vintage Jewelry

Joden Jewelers & Joden Girl Blog

Recently, Joden Jewelers celebrated 50 years of being in business in Grove City, Pennsylvania! Such an incredible accomplishment. Joden is a favorite of mine because their vintage and antique jewelry selection is truly unlike any other place. Many have compared it to a museum… Read More

My Jewel Box

Personal Jewelry Collection Q & A

I’ve been working on this blog post for an entire month!  Thanks for being patient and thanks for all the questions you’ve suggested. There were SO MANY deep and relevant questions for me to answer — some of them even need their own blog post, so if… Read More