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A Bracelet Combination for Everyday-Wear


Bracelets that are stacked have been trending for a few years now, and with each one added to your collection is another memory associated with each piece.  Some consider two bracelets on one wrist enough, others have an enormous group stacked together–it is really up to the wearer.  I have created a bracelet combination, with room for interpretation, which incorporates four different types of bracelets.  When these are stacked together, I think it makes the perfect bracelet combination for everyday-wear.



A wide, yellow gold bracelet featuring pave diamonds: this is a great example of what I am describing. This piece is vintage Chanel, in 18k yellow gold and diamonds. It is from 1stdibs and comes with the original box. Price: $15000


A delicate chain bracelet: this one is extra cute and has some sparkle to it with the black diamonds. It is done in 14k white gold; mixing metals is fine and even adds to the uniqueness. This bracelet is priced at $704 from Zoe Chicco.


A trendy bracelet made of leather, cord, or beads: by adding this element, the stack of bracelets isn’t too refined or elegant. It shows that you still pay close attention to trends and are never too old to try them. I’m in love with this lapis bead bracelet designed by Andrea Fohrman. It has a pave diamond ball which gives it some sparkle. It is priced at $275 from Ylang|23. 1stdibs An all gold bracelet that is woven: this type of bracelet has so much texture to it, and flows so well with others. From 1stdibs, in 18k yellow gold from Greece.

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A combination of these bracelet types will have strangers stopping to ask or comment about your little collection on your wrist. These snapshots of women at Ylang|23 in Dallas made me stop and stare! I love how each woman has their own unique style–these were all found on Ylang|23’s Facebook page. Become a fan and enjoy!

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