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Jewelry Collection Stories

Jewelry Collection Stories – Beth of RoCo Heirlooms

Today’s featured jewelry collector is Beth of RoCo Heirlooms. Beth has an incredible eye for antiques and her necklace stacks and charm combinations are out of this world! Speaking of out of this world, her husband is a former astronomer so celestial motifs are one… Read More


Holiday ’22 Jewel Drop #6 – Mirror Chains + Big Gem Charms

If you loved the Sparkle chain + gem charm jewel drop, you will love today’s as well! Our popular Mirror chain is back for the first time after selling out last holiday season. This time we’ve added some incredibly unique gem charms to these chains – gems like… Read More


Holiday ’22 Jewel Drop #5 – Shining Star Charms for Miscarriage

Everyone’s journey to Motherhood is different – some are straight lines, while others look more like a wild roller coaster. Although having a miscarriage is very much common, it’s a reality that none of us want to face or go at alone. After suffering two miscarriages… Read More

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Holiday ’22 Jewel Drop #4 – Sparkle Chains + Gem Charms

Our Friday Holiday Jewel Drop #4 had to be postponed since I went into labor on Thursday – but so excited to have had some help with the photos thanks to my friend Jessie who took these gorgeous pictures of the drop. I… Read More

Jewelry Collection Stories

Jewelry Collection Stories – Olivia of Hudson & King Jewelry

Today’s featured jewelry collector is Olivia of Hudson & King Jewelry. I had the pleasure of meeting Olivia IRL when she visited Nashville a few years ago. She has such an elegant and beautiful eye for jewelry, especially the pieces that are in her personal stash. Read More

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Wedding Jewels – My Sister’s Bridal Jewelry

My sister Alisha recently got married on September 22, 2022. I was really excited to have helped my sister with her wedding day jewels and her husband Caleb with creating her ideal engagement ring/wedding band. The engagement ring and wedding band were something… Read More