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Holiday ’22 Jewel Drop #6 – Mirror Chains + Big Gem Charms

Holiday Jewel Drop - Gem Gossip

Holiday Jewel Drop - Gem Gossip

If you loved the Sparkle chain + gem charm jewel drop, you will love today’s as well! Our popular Mirror chain is back for the first time after selling out last holiday season. This time we’ve added some incredibly unique gem charms to these chains – gems like tourmaline, amethyst in unique cuts, yellow sapphire, a mega teardrop garnet and one aquamarine icicle.

The number is limited, with only 5 diamond-shaped Mirror chains and 5 oval-shaped Mirror chains, so 10 in total. The price points on these are higher than the Sparkle chain drop we did because these chains are a little more substantial and the gems I paired each chain with are larger and more unique. Get one while you can! And like last time, these will be sold as pictured and after one week if there are any still available I’d be happy to sell separately, whether it is a certain gem charm you want without the chain or if you just want a Mirror chain. Also to note, the Mirror chains are all 18″ long!  Hope you love this jewel drop and there’s still lots of great jewels coming up!

To purchase, just message me on Instagram @shopGemGossip or email me at hello (at) gemgossip.com