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Holiday ’22 Jewel Drop #4 – Sparkle Chains + Gem Charms

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Gem Gossip_Holiday Drop_Manos-33

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Gem Gossip_Holiday Drop_Manos-3

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Our Friday Holiday Jewel Drop #4 had to be postponed since I went into labor on Thursday – but so excited to have had some help with the photos thanks to my friend Jessie who took these gorgeous pictures of the drop. I was able to get back at it and launch these, with a near sellout.  I still have a couple left, like all of the sapphires and the lemon quartz!  The Sparkle Chains are also available now without its designated gem charm, so if you’re interested in just the chain by itself, feel free to reach out via DM over on @shopGemGossip.  Prices vary, starting out at $295 for both charm and chain, so great price points for holiday gift-giving. I have another gem charm drop coming up for those asking, this time with bigger charms and bringing back the very popular MIRROR chains from last holiday season!!  So stay tuned.

To purchase, just message me on Instagram @shopGemGossip or email me at hello (at) gemgossip.com