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Let’s Discuss Jewelry as Push Presents

Do you know what a Push Present is? Don't worry, I didn't either the first time I heard the term! Today on the blog, I'm discussing what this term is, what is means to me and asking five new mamas from the jewelry industry what their take on push presents is and if they received one themselves! Check it out... Read More

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Designer Jewelry

What is Virgin Gold from Belperron

Curious of what the term Virgin Gold meant exactly led me down a rabbit hole of knowledge about the iconic designer Suzanne Belperron. This term she coined is explained and photos of some pieces that feature this rich, buttery material are featured... Read More


Case Antiques Auctions Has a January Sale That Can’t Be Missed

Case Antiques Auctions & Appraisals has an upcoming sale you don't want to miss! I was able to preview several of the jewelry items in this multi-category auction and have so many pieces that caught my eye. Check out which are my top picks... Read More

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Education & Advice

Shop Smarter — Jewelry Essentials You Won’t Regret Buying

I loved learning about everyone's Jewelry Resolutions for 2019. Several of you said you wanted to shop smarter, meaning you want to buy pieces you'll wear everyday and for the rest of your life. I've broken down this thinking into a few categories to help you with this topic... Read More


What Got Me Into Jewelry — My Early Obsessions

What got you into jewelry? What made you start to have an interest in all things sparkly? I wondered this as I stumbled upon some vintage gold-filled lockets that had been tucked away in my jewelry box. I'm exploring the answers to these questions and much more... Read More

Jewelry Collection Stories

Jewelry Collection Stories — Elisha of Spoken Stone

Take a peek inside the jewelry box of Elisha -- owner of Spoken Stone, an eclectic boutique of antique and vintage jewelry. We get to know her favorite eras, pieces and what drew her to jewelry in the first place. Check out the feature... Read More