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Identifying Georgian Jewelry — Fakes, Repros, and Traditional Styles

A great resource for Georgian Jewelry lovers, this book We’re back with another installment written by Lisa of Lisa Kramer Vintage, giving us an in-depth look into the Georgian Jewelry fakes that are out there in the marketplace. Read More

Education & Advice

How to Identify Genuine Georgian Jewelry, part 1

The popularity of Georgian jewelry has resulted in the market being flooded with fakes and the best way to avoid being sold a fake is to educate yourself. This post addresses how to identify genuine Georgian jewelry and is wonderfully written by Lisa of Lisa… Read More

Jewels at my Doorstep

Jewels at my Doorstep — Loren Nicole

There’s something magical about high karat gold and Loren Nicole understands exactly what I mean! I was eager to work on another Jewels at my Doorstep feature for this designer, this time around with new jewelry–so new, in fact, many pieces were fresh off her… Read More

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2017 Holiday Gift Guide: Jewelry Wish List

Kicking off the holiday season, we’ve compiled a wish list that every serious jewelry fiend would swoon over. These are my top must-haves from favorite designers, antique jewelry shops and dealers and some fun things thrown in the mix. Each day, this blog post will be updated with one… Read More


The Most Important Holiday Gift for Jewelry Lovers — A Brown Jewelry Safe

As the days in December go by, I’m continually doing my jewelry duty by recommending all my favorite designers, shops and antique jewelry stores for all you holiday shoppers to buy jewelry from. But there’s one more important, very luxurious but often necessary item that I haven’t told… Read More


Holiday Gift-Giving: A Birthstone for Every Month

I like to gift jewelry during the holidays, for many obvious reasons, but the main one being that jewelry is a gift that lasts a lifetime. Personalization is an aspect I take very seriously when it comes to jewelry because I think it makes it even more special. Read More