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2017 Holiday Gift Guide: Jewelry Wish List

Holiday Wish List, GemGossip.com

Kicking off the holiday season, we’ve compiled a wish list that every serious jewelry fiend would swoon over. These are my top must-haves from favorite designers, antique jewelry shops and dealers and some fun things thrown in the mix. Each day, this blog post will be updated with one item and in case you need a better way to remember, a Newsletter will go out highlighting the designer or items we’ve hand-selected. (You can sign up here.)This time of year is always special, but it goes by SO quickly–we want this list to help you plan without taking time out from your busy life. So let’s get the list going!! You can follow along on Instagram with the hashtag: #GemGossipWishList

Full disclosure: There is a small fee designers had to pay to be involved in this project. I receive zero commission based on how many pieces of each item sell during this promotion–this is not a commission-based program.

Bce Jewelry

Designer: BCE Jewelry

Why is she on the list: Her jewelry is a personal favorite of mine, as I own a few pieces (most recently an ancient coin bezel set necklace). Each piece is handmade in California, which I love–small business, great people, beautiful pieces. I also love the style and design of her rings and think they pair REALLY well with antique jewelry. Find a gem that speaks to you and your style/collection and you won’t be disappointed!

Fox + Bond

Designer: Fox & Bond

Why are they on the list: Rainbow has been hugely popular this year and I’m loving all things colorful–these ombré rings light up any stack instantly with their eye-catching style and boldness. The stones are hand-selected when creating each ombré palette and handmade in LA. Every collection needs a F&B Ombré ring!

Rebecca Fogg Jewelry

Designer: Rebecca Fogg Jewelry

Why is she on the list: We are obsessed with her Egyptian-inspired pieces she creates in her Upstate NY studio and we love supporting new, up-and-coming designers. Each piece is handmade using recycled metals. Can we also mention our obsession with her snake charm holder?! 


Online Destination: Charmco

Why are they on our list: It’s no secret that Charmco is my number one spot to search for charms. My figa collection is extensive and whenever I post a photo on Instagram, it saddens me to receive a barrage of messages asking for prices, only to copy/paste the same response of “sorry these are not for sale.” SO, here you go–these are all for sale and ready for new homes! Start your very own figa collection this holiday season!

Morgan Patricia Designs

Designer: Morgan Patricia Designs

Why is she on the list: I discovered Morgan Patricia Designs thanks to another fellow jewelry designer–I gave her page one look and was instantly drawn in. Three words: mermaid inspired jewelry. Growing up, The Little Mermaid was one of my favorite movies, so her line brings back some nostalgia. Who wouldn’t want to feel like a mermaid dripping in handmade jewels inspired by the ocean?! Her opal pieces are to die for!

Verma Estate

Online Destination: Verma Estate Jewelry

Why are they on our list: The holidays are all about surprises and what better way than to surprise your loved one with a proposal! We’ve chosen Verma Estate Jewelry because they have a wide selection of completely gorgeous vintage and antique diamond engagement rings, all of which are more than ideal to propose with. Spanning several time periods and both traditional and non-traditional styles, you’ll be completely satisfied browsing their new website.

Mini Mini Jewels

Designer: Mini Mini Jewels

Why are they on our list: We are obsessed with zodiac jewelry, so discovering this newly launched jewelry line that had created their own “mini” zodiac symbols in stud earring form was a treat. You can even customize by choosing which gemstone you prefer. Just check out the Celestial Collection of their website and shop away!


Designer: Gigi Ferranti Jewelry

Why is she on our list: Modern stackers are a popular category for gift-giving because they fit so well with most people’s jewelry they already wear! Gigi Ferranti creates some of the best-quality and sleekest designed stackables out there right now. She also has price points for every budget, check out the Gift Ideas section on her website.

Workhorse Jewelry

Designer: Workhorse Jewelry

Why are they on our list: For so many reasons: vintage-inspired, great price points, perfect gifts, stack-friendly pieces that mesh well with other collections…I could go on! Workhorse Jewelry gets its inspiration from sentimental Victorian pieces of the bygone era. Oftentimes, original Victorian jewelry is too fragile or too small beyond sizing to repair and that’s why I love Workhorse because their pieces can be worn everyday and made to fit you, all while keeping the Victorian look. Shop now to receive your order in time for the holidays!

Trumpet & Horn

Online Destination: Trumpet & Horn

Why are they on our list: All throughout the year, we eagerly await our weekly email from Trumpet & Horn revealing their new arrivals. There is always something that catches my eye, whether its an Art Deco right hand ring or Edwardian engagement ring. Browse their website and find gift giving ideas for all price points–lots of earring options for under $500 and fun vintage rings for under $1,000. We love this company and all that they do!

Nouvel Heritage

Designer: Nouvel Heritage

Why are they on the list: I’m obsessed with Nouvel Heritage’s gem adorned Vendome earrings, pictured above. NH also just launched a new TRY&WEAR option which allows shoppers to order a jewelry sample to try and wear for a period of 30 days for only 10% of retail price, so shoppers can be confident in their choice before making a purchase. Love this idea!

Bario Neal

Designer: Bario Neal

Why are they on our list: We can’t think of a better gift than a fanned or curved band that will instantly transform your engagement ring. A small addition can go a long way! Plus, we love Bario Neal because they’re always finding ways to give back, like their current promo which gives you a discount for donating to a local nonprofit they’ve partnered with; check out their website for more details! Promo ends at the end of the month.

Mini Museum | Gem Gossip

Designer: Mini Museum

Why are they on our list: Hold 29 rare and unique objects that span billions of years all in your hand with this cool specimen display made of acrylic. The above is the third edition of this Limited Edition run, the first and second editions have since sold out! This piece includes a tiny swatch from Steve Jobs’ sweater, a rough opal from Australia, 14 billion year old Moldavite, Space Gems (aka Peridot), and cake from Charles and Diana’s wedding, among several other items. It’s a great gift for all ages and displays beautifully!

Doyle & Doyle

Antique Destination: Doyle & Doyle

Why are they on our list: The holidays aren’t complete without a NYC trip to Doyle & Doyle. Their museum-like interior boasts rings and jewels from all different time periods and is like a fairy tale for jewelry lovers. For instance, these rings shown above are all available and span from the Renaissance period (the emerald cabochon) to the Georgian period (spy two rings), Victorian Era (pinkish ruby), through the glamorous Art Deco period, and the most modern is the mid 20th century aquamarine cocktail ring! Shop all that they have to offer, you can’t go wrong!

The Eden Collective

Antique Destination: The Eden Collective

Why are they on our list: Eden continually posts her finds on Instagram and her Etsy shop is filled with nearly 500 items, all of which are incredibly unique. Anytime she comes back from a buying trip, her 33k Instagram followers are chomping at the bit to see her newest finds, and I’m one of them! Above are some of her latest arrivals, with a mix of creepy and cool and gorgeous boulder opal one-of-a-kinds she has been delving into lately. We can’t get enough!

Jude Frances Jewelry

Designer: Jude Frances Jewelry

Why is she on our list: I know charms are high on everyone’s wish list–we all are looking for that perfect talisman to represent a special milestone or help protect us everyday, and we’ve been loving these from Jude Frances. These can be worn on hoop earrings or modify them to be worn on a chain or charm bracelet. There are so many styles to choose from, see if any speak to you and your story!

Greenwich St. Jewelers

Jewelry Store: Greenwich St. Jewelers

Why are they on our list: My go-to stop in NYC for the best curation of designer jewelry that is trendy and on-point is Greenwich St. Jewelers. This holiday season, their selection of gemstone rings is ideal for gifting or engagement ring possibilities. The above collection features designs from Megan Thorne, Greenwich St. Collection, Margery Hirschey, and Jennie Kwon. ‘Tis the season to be gemmy!



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