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Designer Jewelry

Slay in Sapphires from Arik Kastan

A simple half eternity band in all sapphires is sometimes all you need! Arik Kastan makes all bands by hand using genuine gemstones and every detail is priority. The comfort of this band is something you need to see for yourself!… Read More

Jewels at my Doorstep

Jewels at my Doorstep: JewelStreet.com

Taking the jewels of JewelStreet to the streets of Nashville! The online luxury jewelry marketplace prides itself as being the UK’s #1 website for designer fine jewelry, with an emphasis on seeking out brands that are doing amazing things with design. Browsing the pages of… Read More

Engagement/Wedding Rings

The Gentleman’s Guide to Buying Vintage Engagement Rings

So you know that she wants a vintage engagement ring, but what now? This handy and comprehensive guide, written by the experts at Estate Diamond Jewelry will hopefully shed some light on a journey fraught with potential pitfalls for the uninformed, and make the whole process much… Read More

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Designer Jewelry

Just Launched: The Fox & Bond Major Mini Necklaces

You may be familiar with these mini ring necklaces which Fox & Bond first launched last year.  Since then they have been adorning the necks of fashionistas, celebrities and it-girls across the globe. Each one commemorating a milestone or event special to every wearer…each one… Read More


Exclusive Animal Fetish Rings by Gem Gossip

Hello Gem Gossip readers! Today is a very special day…wanna know why?! It’s my birthday! As with most years, I always treat myself to an amazing piece of jewelry for my birthday. This year is a little different–I’m giving you the opportunity to buy a cool piece of… Read More

Jewels at my Doorstep

Top Ten Favorite Rings from Elisa Solomon Jewelry

I like to call Elisa Solomon‘s jewelry designs “collectible” jewels, as they are an up-and-coming category that is creating waves in the biggest way possible. What I mean by this is simple: certain designers whose creations look best worn in multiples, all together. There is… Read More