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Just Launched: The Fox & Bond Major Mini Necklaces

Fox & Bond Major Mini Fox & Bond Major Mini Fox & Bond Major Mini Fox & Bond Major Mini Fox & Bond Major Mini

You may be familiar with these mini ring necklaces which Fox & Bond first launched last year.  Since then they have been adorning the necks of fashionistas, celebrities and it-girls across the globe. Each one commemorating a milestone or event special to every wearer…each one customized with a favorite gold color, gemstone…and each one possibly holding a hidden engraving. What has been making these little keepsake necklaces so popular is how wearable they are, how collectible (and slightly addicting) they are, and most importantly, how each is personalized. The girls of Fox & Bond decided to launch another version and as they say, “We wanted to make The Mini a sister, but we wanted her to be bigger and blingier!” 

Gem Gossip has your first look at the new version, dubbed the Major Mini, a name quite fitting. The new baby is outfitted with one center diamond and six side diamonds, packing some major sparkle in such a tiny ring. Similar to the original, it can be customized in white gold, yellow gold or rose gold and up to 8 characters engraved inside. It also comes on a 16″ chain which is my favorite length right now for the daintiness of it. Ready to layer–black velvet chokers, long antique chains or 22″ rope chains–all go perfect with the minis and its 16″ style.

The Major Mini is perfection for gifting–especially for brides-to-be! That’s exactly what I am doing with mine, pictured here.  My husband’s cousin is marrying her future bride and she proposed with a vintage ruby ring in white gold. I know they often partake in fun outdoor activities and gardening that leaves rings at home in jewelry boxes (where they should be for these types of hobbies) so the Major Mini will be the perfect remedy on occasions like this!  I bet she will love this wedding gift so much it will become her signature necklace, worn everyday!  I absolutely cannot wait to give this to her!

Whether you want a Major Mini for yourself, or if you are going to ask your significant other to buy you one, or you buy one to gift to a bride or bride-to-be, this will surely be a hit. And yes, I’m working on my collection of minis and adding one to my necklace every wedding anniversary. Can you believe I already had to put my order in for the one year anniversary?! Crazy.


Fox & Bond Major Mini

The Major Mini, available in 14k white, yellow or rose gold

Price: $500