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Yellow Diamonds in the Light

{from top to bottom: Loving Emma Stone’s look at the MTV movie awards Fancy Yellow diamond ring c. 1900 on my finger and also seen on Nicole Kidman’s finger in upcoming movie Jetsun Pema, Queen of Bhutan and newly crowned style icon–she is beautiful someone’s jewelry box who… Read More

Designer Jewelry

Designer Spotlight: Alexandra Mor

Alexandra Mor‘s jewelry designs project a one-of-a-kind, heirloom feel–with most being limited editions. Growing up in Israel and watching her dress-maker mother create and design, fostered much of her affinity to create as well. Her pieces frame exceptional gemstones, and showcase the true beauty of a sparkly… Read More

My Jewel Box

My Jewel Box: Victorian Bracelets

I have developed a love for Victorian bracelets since working at Walton’s Antique Jewelry.  Especially the ones that are in perfect-never-before-worn condition.  And yes, there are many out there in that sort of condition.  I have a tiny wrist, and when I come across a Victorian bangle bracelet… Read More

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Antique & Vintage Jewelry

Art Deco Bracelet Stacks

Whether its the red carpet, on a movie set or for a wedding, stacks of Art Deco bracelets are more popular than ever. The only downfall is the price–since each bracelet carries a hefty carat weight, this automatically raises the price tag. I recently had the privilege of putting… Read More


Obsession: Closetvisit.com

Well, it happened again.  I was supposed to get some work done on my computer and found myself entranced with a website I stumbled upon for several hours.  The website is Closet Visit, a blog which features a peek into closets of some pretty cool people.  The concept… Read More

Designer Jewelry

Jewelry Giveaway: from Aroc Urtu

Jewelry duo Lauren and her niece Sarah have joined creatively to form Aroc Urtu, a jewelry line that is versatile and organic. Simple designs form a bold statement–with pieces like a solitaire black diamond necklace. This can easily become your signature look, which can stand alone or be… Read More