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Obsession: Closetvisit.com

Well, it happened again.  I was supposed to get some work done on my computer and found myself entranced with a website I stumbled upon for several hours.  The website is Closet Visit, a blog which features a peek into closets of some pretty cool people.  The concept isn’t new, but I continue to believe this is something us humans are forever curious about.  I love how Closet Visit often takes photos of jewelry--whether it being worn on the owner or draped in an interesting way.  Check out my favorite snapshots below and take a look for yourself (just make sure you have a few hours to kill).

roseark momosuzuki kathyrose closetvisit.com clairecotrell heathertaylor closetvisit alicia 5493207179_f2c08fcf57_z

all photos taken by Jeana Sohn