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Designer Jewelry

Bold Gemstone Bead Necklaces from Darlene de Sedle

Need a bold look for that plain, boring sweater this fall?  If you add any of these necklaces from designer Darlene de Sedle, you are sure to outshine the fall foliage.  Each are hand-strung using precious gemstones such as turquoise, opals, pale emeralds and pink tourmalines.  All three look like they've been discovered in an Egyptian tomb!  You can purchase any of these pieces on Twist while checking out Darlene de Sedle's other bold designs! [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="373" caption="Price: $5200, Turquoise with 22k Gold Beads"][/caption] Price: "Price: $3400, with Pink Tourmalines and Pale Emeralds"400, with Pink Tourmalines and Pale Emeralds [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="373" caption="Price: $8600, Peruvian Opals with 22k Gold Beads"][/caption] Read More

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Designer Jewelry

Sleek Wave Rings from Ylang|23

I want to wear all of these rings somehow at once!  The sleekness and flow of these are very pretty.  All are similar, yet very different.  Prices range from $335-385 and they are done in 14k rose and 14k yellow gold.  See for yourself why I've been drawn to them by checking out Ylang|23, where you'll find that these rings are designed by the store's private label.  You will be left with wanting at least one of them, if not more! Read More

Designer Jewelry

A Few of my Favorite Charity Bracelets

I think it all started with the Livestrong charity bracelet? Maybe not...I'm no charity-bracelet-history-buff, but that is my best guess. I actually still have mine. During the time that I purchased one, they were sort of "in demand." Some were even being auctioned off on eBay for around $50!! I love these beaded bracelets that benefit the imbalances of women's opportunities because of financial and/or cultural reasons. The bracelets are handmade by the Maasai Tribe Women of Kenya. Referred to as the "Brightness of Life" not because of the vivid colors you have to choose from, but because of the brightness that lives in the hearts of the women it supports. Each is only $25, with 20% going to the charity. These can be found at Cathy B Jewelry. Another charity bracelet that can be picked up at Cathy B Jewelry website is this little red, sequined tie bracelet. Rightfully called the Children of Jaipur bracelet since a portion of the proceeds goes toward Education in Jaipur, India. This one is $35. The Diamond Empowerment Fund has a mission to develop and empower the regions of Africa where diamond mining is an important aspect of the community's resources. Each bracelet features a rough diamond that is caged inside a diamond shaped charm. Proceeds from this malachite bead stretch bracelet go toward this fund. The cost is $125 at Simmons Jewelry. Of course, we can't forget the Gem Gossip Charity bracelet. As you can see here, these are the two styles you can choose--the wrap style or single cord style. The bracelet now comes in a variety of colors, not just red! Check out the 4-step chart for ordering, and look for a favorite color. If you don't see a color that you want, send me a special request! I've already had a few...Maya from Oklahoma just received a light peach and a dark peach bracelet! Read More

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Antique & Vintage Jewelry

Vintage Jewelry Heaven found on Ruby Lane

I recently found a tiny ad in Domino Magazine for an antique emporium where buyers and sellers can come together.  I love checking out new sites, but hate getting disappointed by most.  When browsing Ruby Lane, I was very much surprised.  Their selection of antique and vintage jewelry goes on and on, with so many sellers to choose from.  After looking for a few hours, I was about to call it a night since my eyes would no longer stay open without me making them.  I then came across a dainty little ring, with a reasonable price.  I read the description, and it fit my standards: 10k solid rose gold, small diamond, great condition, from the Victorian era--check, check, check AND CHECK!  I had to have it!  With a sudden burst of energy, I emailed the seller.  A good vintage jewelry hunter always asks slightly lower than ticket price.  Just remember to be reasonable.  After work the next day, I was happy to learn that the seller accepted my offer and would include shipping and handling!  Well, I just received the ring and absolutely love it!  It was worth staying up late to peruse just a few more pages worth of jewelry.  When I glance at it throughout the day while wearing it, I often wonder who wore it before and what memories it holds.  Being from the Victorian Era, it probably has a great significance.  Stop on by Ruby Lane to find your very own treasure today (or late tonight)!  Website: www.rubylane.com Seller: Barnsley Collection Read More


Open, Interlocking Rings

I've been drawn to these rings lately and realized they all have an obvious commonality--they are open and interlocking.  This kind of style is a bit harder to pull off and sometimes needs to be tried on before purchasing.  However, if you can find the perfect one that is proportional to your finger size (lengthwise) and looks great on, you are sure to get positive comments galore!  This style is different and eye-catching.  Check out some of my favorites below! Top of the line elegance! This ring features 1.21 carats of diamonds and the interlocking 18k yellow gold with the sparkle is like no other! You can find it on JL Rocks for $3700. I think it would be pretty whether worn with jeans or a fancy dress. If you want an open, interlocking ring that has a more rugged feel, this one will do the trick. You have the brown leather which gives it a tough side, and then you have the 14k yellow gold oval, which glams it up. Renee Garvey is the designer, who always has the greatest styles and has been featured on Gem Gossip many times. Check it out at Eliza Page. Here is a vintage piece, looking like it is from an Old World Italian Estate. It is 18k yellow gold, with gorgeous green enameling. The two open shapes are interlocked by a solid gold loop. The ring has been listed on Tias.com, by Vintagefair--a husband and wife duo who have been antique buyers and sellers for years.  Price:$325 Read More


[10.13.08] Columbus Day [Monday]

Happy Columbus Day! Hopefully this holiday was spent relaxing with a day off from work...lucky you! Doesn't this necklace capture the essence of Columbus' journey? I couldn't imagine setting up shop on a huge boat, and sailing into the "unknown." That should be one thing that we remember on this day--giving credit to the enormous amount of bravery all those voyagers displayed during the Age of Exploration. Read More