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Bold Gemstone Bead Necklaces from Darlene de Sedle

Need a bold look for that plain, boring sweater this fall?  If you add any of these necklaces from designer Darlene de Sedle, you are sure to outshine the fall foliage.  Each are hand-strung using precious gemstones such as turquoise, opals, pale emeralds and pink tourmalines.  All three look like they’ve been discovered in an Egyptian tomb!  You can purchase any of these pieces on Twist while checking out Darlene de Sedle’s other bold designs!

j_ne_d-320485_xl Price: $5200, Turquoise with 22k Gold Beads

j_ne_d-320621_xlPrice: $3400, with Pink Tourmalines and Pale Emeralds

j_ne_d-320344_xlPrice: $8600, Peruvian Opals with 22k Gold Beads