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Designer Jewelry

Just putting it out there…

I have been continually inspired by this photo above on a regular basis, as it is my desktop background. I've been wanting a leather bracelet that wrapped around twice, and have yet to find a good one. Yesterday, while browsing through the Mizuki trunk show that was hosted by Ylang|23 of Dallas, I came across what I've been looking for. Oddly enough it is the perfect size for my tiny wrist and has the initial 'S' on the yellow gold tablet. Those of you who know me, know how significant that letter is to me. I think this will be the one and only item on my Christmas list this year. Designed by Mizuki, priced at $300, and found at http://www.ylang23.com Read More

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Designer Jewelry

Designer Spotlight: Iosselliani

I've always had a thing for Italian crafted jewelry.  I think it stems from being half Italian myself, but I've also experienced owning Italian jewelry purchased by my grandparents on their trips to Italy.  To read more, browse this post I did earlier.  Without further ado, I'd like to spotlight some amazing jewelry, handcrafted in Italy by designer Iosselliani. Explore their site to find where to shop for the amazing pieces they create. Very glamourous, this single ring looks like it is several stacked on top the other. Convenient if you want that stacked look, but are in a hurry to slip just one on. Made of 18k yellow gold, with the stones being a quartz and a zircon.  Priced at $1545. Here is a set of three bangle bracelets. I love how delicate they are and they flow together perfectly. Made of 18k yellow gold and sapphires. Priced at $940. This is a pearl ring like no other. The setting that the pearl is placed in is edgy and exciting. Priced at $875. Read More


Stud Muffin

Whether it's your handbag, heels, belt or jacket, studs are in!  Now you can take this trend and wear it on your ears.  Jewelry designer Lena Wald has created these stud earrings, that come in different sizes (small, medium and large), different color gold (white or yellow), and with or without diamonds.  Each are priced individually, so you can purchase only one if you'd like.  One stud would be perfect if you have one ear having more holes than another.  I think it would look neat to have three studs in both ears--a small, medium and large.  That would get expensive though ($1330 to be exact!)  Prices are: $125 for one small, $175 for one medium, and $365 for one large.  The diamond encrusted studs are: $630 for one small.  They can be purchased at Aloha Rag. Read More

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I like it Raw

Rough edges, blemishes, and flaws--raw gemstones create character in the jewelry they reside.  Whether it is a diamond that has been uncut, unpolished and "in the rough" or a prehistoric shark tooth, jewelry that features a raw material is beautiful and has become popular by up-and-coming designers.  You can find examples in jewelry boutiques, online or even create your own if you find a rough stone and feel it is worthy to be showcased.  I've found some great pieces that feature a Moroccan Azurite, a prehistoric shark tooth and a Kyanite crystal.  Check them out below! This necklace is designed by Melissa Joy Manning and features a royal blue Moroccan Azurite. The style of the 14k yellow gold prongs makes it resemble bird's claws, grasping the stone. The price is $940 and it was even featured in Lucky magazine. Designer Pade Vavra creates a tough, don't-mess-with-me look with this great white shark tooth necklace. Those are diamonds you are seeing at the top of the tooth, as well as three black diamonds at the end of the chain (not visible). All is set in 18k peach gold and can be purchased at Ylang|23, for $2090. I love this Kyanite crystal necklace set in 14k yellow gold from Zoe Chicco. It is geniusly designed to extend from 24-26 inches in length, giving you a nice and elongated look. This will easily layer with shorter charm necklaces. This necklace is $693 and each will vary slightly. Read More

Celebrity Jewelry

MK & Ashley’s Jewelry Influence

Have you picked up your copy of Influence yet?  The pictures and details about their vintage jewelry was the highlight of the read.  I think the twins should come out with a book which catalogs all their jewelry, with photos of each piece accompanied by a quick blurb.  Mary-Kate and Ashley have the best jewelry collection possible.  The emerald ring seen here in the photo was featured in Influence.   Mary-Kate found the ring at a vintage shop on the Rue Saint Honore in Paris, France.  Both girls are lucky enough to have traveled the world, which has allowed them to come across some great vintage jewelry.  It is always interesting to keep an eye out to what their latest acquired treasure is--since the paparazzi can't get enough of both.    I think this estate necklace from Ross-Simons would be a great match to the vintage emerald ring.  The bib necklace has an Etruscan style with a cabochon emerald that is almost a full carat.  There are diamonds framing the emerald, all set in 14k yellow gold.  Priced around $3000. Read More


eBay Steals & Deals of the Week!

Wow has eBay really impressed me with their selection of vintage jewelry this week.  Finally!  I feel like there was not much being offered these past few weeks.  I've put these items on my radar and may even bid myself.  I will add the seller names below the photos.  Try your hand at "treasure hunting" on eBay, and post your finds in the comments section. Art Deco Brooch, seller: lonestarestates 1940s diamond ring, seller: alexanderauctions Art Deco Sapphire & Diamond Ring, seller: jewelryagain Read More