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Designer Spotlight: Iosselliani


I’ve always had a thing for Italian crafted jewelry.  I think it stems from being half Italian myself, but I’ve also experienced owning Italian jewelry purchased by my grandparents on their trips to Italy.  To read more, browse this post I did earlier.  Without further ado, I’d like to spotlight some amazing jewelry, handcrafted in Italy by designer Iosselliani. Explore their site to find where to shop for the amazing pieces they create.

Very glamourous, this single ring looks like it is several stacked on top the other. Convenient if you want that stacked look, but are in a hurry to slip just one on. Made of 18k yellow gold, with the stones being a quartz and a zircon.  Priced at $1545.
Here is a set of three bangle bracelets. I love how delicate they are and they flow together perfectly. Made of 18k yellow gold and sapphires. Priced at $940.


This is a pearl ring like no other. The setting that the pearl is placed in is edgy and exciting. Priced at $875.