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You Need to Know: Danny J. Sanchez Photomicrography

negative-crystal-in-spinel_905 muscovite-in-qtz_905 rutile-in-quartz-1040w_905 dolomite-in-quartz-01_905 biotite-in-topaz_905

I get to meet a lot of really cool people in this industry.  Some are cool enough to where you (as my loyal readers) need to be introduced so you can also discover how cool he/she is as well!  With that being said, let me introduce to you Danny J. Sanchez who has an incredible passion for gems and more importantly what is going on inside these stones.  As a fun hobby, Danny is a photomicrographer who seeks out gemstones with interesting and unique inclusions.  He then sets up the gemstone with the inclusion he’d like to photograph under the microscope in the most precise way, and carefully focuses the lighting just right.  Using up to 120 shots, he uses a technique called focus stacking to create his images.  This is a skill that takes years to master and achieve.  His pictures are works of art and he actually sells them framed or as greeting cards. From one gem geek to another, you have to check out his website! 

Pictured above are:

a negative crystal in spinel

muscovite in quartz

rutile in quartz

dolomite in quartz

biotite in topaz