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Gem Gossip Meets Jean-Noel of Top Notch Faceting


When Jean-Noel of Top Notch Faceting says he’s in the same town you are–you find a way to meet up, stat! I was finishing up my day at the Las Vegas Antique Jewelry Show when I met up with the gem magician himself. I got to see gem upon gem, each one more and more brilliantly faceted. He schooled me on Phenakite, a gemstone which is not discussed at GIA mainly because it is not your average gemstone. This colorless gem is unique because Jean says, “it has its own fire within.” The lighting of the ballroom was not the best, but that didn’t stop the Phenakite that was blaring like a firefly. Seeing the rough was interesting as well–colorful pebbles that seem so ordinary, but can become something so extraordinary. It truly takes passion, dedication and talent to accomplish what Top Notch Faceting has done…and I am so glad I got to meet such a cool dude! Can’t wait to see how far he will go and more incredible gemstones faceted from Jean-Noel.