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Wooden Jewelry:Wood You?

There are more and more ways for people to become eco-friendly these days, even when it comes to your jewelry.  Instead of opting for gold or platinum, did you ever think of trying wood?  Once carved, it is smooth and durable, as well as easy to take care of.  With all the different varieties of wood, each piece can be unique and have a certain look.  Some woods have deep spiritual meanings that date back thousands of years ago, when some cultures thought trees to be sacred.  Take a look at some of the interesting wood jewelry, and you may want to try it out for yourself!


This wooden ring combines Bog Wood and Turquoise, specially made to fit your ring size. It is from a website that specializes in eco-conscious wood jewelry, where their slogan is “Let the tree hug you” for all those tree-huggers out there. The ring sells for $275 at Simply Wood Rings.


You can also give your engagement ring some Earth-friendliness. Simply Wood Rings also makes custom orders, this one featuring a salvaged engagement ring setting and diamond, secured in a Walnut ring. For more information on custom orders, go to their website.


These zebra wood earrings are earthy and elegant at the same time. Designer Kara Ross uses 18k gold and diamonds in these earrings. They look like something found in an upscale zoo gift shop. For store locations, check out the Kara Ross New York website.

18 Jewels is a trendy jewelry hub that features numerous beaded, stackable bracelets like these. The two here feature wooden beads, and white gold with diamond charms. There are more to choose from on the website, but I like the peace sign bracelet ($600) and the pave diamond ball ($1150).