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White Gold vs. Yellow Gold: Gem-Set Rings from Fellows Auction

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Fellows Auctions is gearing up for their latest Antique & Modern Jewellery Sale, this time scheduled for Thursday, April 16th, 2015.  With hundreds of unique jewels to choose from, anyone can be charmed!  A nice selection of spring-themed bug jewelry is scattered throughout the listings, as well as some unique snake rings—a forever favorite amongst collectors.  Their designer pieces never disappoint, with items from Georg Jensen, Cartier, Links of London, and many more!  I’ve got my eye on a Cartier trinity ring in just my size!  

Further proving that this auction has something for everyone, I checked out their gem-set ring selection after predicting this upcoming season’s hottest jewelry trend—bold gemstone colors set in yellow gold.  I had many Gem Gossip readers wonder what I thought about gem-set ring done in white gold?!  My answer: although I personally prefer yellow gold, white gold offers some great options and paired with certain gemstones, looks divine!  I love a milky white pearl set in white gold and even aquamarine and diamonds look incredible in white. 

I’ve chosen my favorite gem-set rings in both yellow gold and white gold so you can decide for yourself!  As always, Fellows Auctions has some great pieces to showcase this themed-look:

Lot 25: rose cut diamonds, at their finest in this old ring set in yellow gold, circa mid 1800s.  This ring totals 1.30 carats and is able to look beautiful stacked or alone as a stand out piece.

Lot 27: this dainty cluster ring set in yellow gold is a staple for anyone’s jewelry collection.  The diamonds are all Old European cuts and sparkle nicely in yellow gold.

Lot 67: pearls look great in yellow gold—this one here is set with a diamond in the center, as per usual, loving the cluster look.  This turn-of-the-century ring makes a great addition to anyone’s jewelry box.  

Lot 78: I think emeralds look the best set in yellow gold and this cute ring is a great example of that.  Framed by diamonds, this could be worn with anything!

Lot 90: this ring is a show-stopper!  From the style, to the gemstone combination used, I love it!  Makes it even better that it is set in yellow gold—if it were white gold, I don’t think it would look as nice. 

Lot 181: I have a sapphire and diamond navette ring set in yellow gold in my personal collection (actually from Fellows) and I wear it SO much!  If you want a ring that you’ll wear and get the most out of, this is it!

Lot 196: continuing with the sapphire and diamond look, this unique style ring is quite exceptional.  I love the long, slightly wide shape and also the vivid blue paired with yellow gold, top notch!

Lot 334: a bold and interesting ring—a large opal set in a freeform style with small seed pearls, looks gorgeous in yellow gold.  Ever since Fellows posted this ring on their Instagram account, I’ve been a fan!  You should check that out!


Lot 128: nothing quite like a large white pearl surrounded by diamonds, set in white gold.  The shape of this ring is big enough to create a statement, yet not too big.

Lot 135: lot of diamonds and nothing but white metal!  The white helps bring out the whiteness of the diamonds and can make they seem to sparkle more.  The style on this ring is so unique, I love it!

Lot 137: a neat disc-shaped ring set in white gold.  The black stone is actually an onyx, and it has a pearl surrounded by rose cut diamonds in its center.  I like this combination set in white gold, it definitely suits it!

Lot 155: this ring lets you see what a diamond cluster looks like set in white gold rather than yellow gold like the one above.  This one is also much larger in scale and diamond size, but with all that aside, which metal do you prefer?!

Lot 404: I usually only like emeralds set in yellow gold, but this one caught my eye!  The unique style may also be why, but I may have to rethink my emerald/yellow gold obsession now…

Lot 425: we are so accustomed to seeing turquoise set in yellow gold, but this ring not only uses white gold, but it has the popular navette shape, which is typically done in yellow gold.  So unique and great to see something different!

Lot 436: an 18k white gold flower of sapphires and diamonds, looking icy and cool!  This ring is a great addition to anyone’s collection and will look gorgeous on the finger.

Lot 469: I think aquamarine is one of the few gemstones that is not in my personal collection—the combination of aquamarine and diamonds looks best in white gold, do you agree?!  This ring is set with one emerald cut aquamarine, surrounded by 1.05 carats of diamonds.  



This post was brought to you in collaboration with Fellows & Sons