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What the BEST Golden Globes Jewelry Says About Today’s Trends

Michelle Williams Golden Globes Sienna Miller Golden Globes

This year’s Golden Globes had us anticipating some knockout jewels, but as with most situations, I tried to set the bar low so I wouldn’t be disappointed. And I wasn’t. I was pleasantly happy with what I saw on the red carpet. Diamonds glistened one right after the other, and although it seemed like California had their own “white out” going on, it was the few pops of color that we did see that totally stood out. But hey, who can complain about diamonds?! From Sienna Miller’s unexpected pearls, to the numerous bold diamond necklaces, and the cherry on top for me was Michelle Williams’ black velvet bow around her neck. I loved all these looks I just mentioned and thought they suited each celebrity perfectly. I couldn’t imagine any other person rocking those pearls the way Sienna Miller did (well I could, but they would have ended up on my worst jewelry list) and that is what makes these jewelry trends able to translate into the real world. 

Piaget on Jessica Chastain Priyanka Chopra in Lorraine Schwartz Emma Stone in Tiffany

Three Diamond Necklaces

This trio of diamond necklaces seemed to stand out to me. I love how all three are sort of similar in a few ways, yet also very different. The lengths are all mid-size, ranging from 16″-18″ and each has a dangling element to it.

Jessica Chastain in Piaget

Take for example the Piaget necklace that Jessica Chastain is wearing. It screams Hollywood glam and is reminiscent of 1950s jewels.

Priyanka Chopra in Lorraine Schwartz

And Priyanka Chopra never seems to disappoint when it comes to the jewelry department on the red carpet. That may be because she has Lorraine Schwartz on her side. This time wearing a mega emerald cut diamond.

Emma Stone in Tiffany & Co.

Emma Stone’s necklace may be my favorite though–antique Tiffany & Co. dating back to the turn-of-the-century from Tiffany’s archives. It paired flawlessly with her dress, her hair and overall look. I guess it even paired well with her movie and role within the movie, although I have yet to see it!

Tracee Ellis Ross Drew Barrymore | Golden Globes Drew Barrymore | Golden Globes Jewelry Hailee Steinfeld Golden Globes Hailee Steinfeld Golden Globes

Lots of All-Diamond Rings, on every finger!

Tracee Ellis Ross in various designers like L’Dezen by Payal Shah, Noudar, Hueb, Yeprem, and Kavant & Sharart

At first as a jewelry enthusiast you might be like, “wait–no necklace, no earrings, no bracelets on the red carpet??” But then one glance at Tracee Ellis Ross’ fingers and you’ll quickly bite your tongue. And the poses she was striking kind of says it all. Rings on every finger make you feel like a queen! And I love the variety of designers.

Drew Barrymore in Harry Winston

Sparkling like a hippie goddess Drew Barrymore turns up the gorgeous factor wearing these diamond baubles by Harry Winston. I loved her entire look and posted a Twitter poll asking if people thought her look needed a necklace. 86% of people said no, her look was perfect!

Hailee Steinfeld in Forevermark Diamonds

Hailee’s dress color outshined them all and was a perfect backdrop for her all-white diamond look wearing Forevermark diamonds. The rings are various designers, like Rahaminov, Memoire, and Imagine Bridal, but all using ethically sourced and mined, Forevermark diamonds. The diamond choker is exclusively created by Forevermark using 18.08 carats of their diamonds. Wow!

Mandy Moore Golden Globes Jessica Biel Golden Globes Ruth Negga Golden Globes Untitled

Stand Outs, Something Different

Mandy Moore in Neil Lane Jewelry

Everyone gasped when they saw how elegant Mandy Moore looked at the Golden Globes. Her earrings dazzled and had people asking, “what gemstone is that?!” Neil Lane revealed that they were in fact Kunzites–50 carats!

Jessica Biel in Neil Lane Jewelry

Another who stood out to me was Jessica Biel and I instantly knew her jewels were antique. My guess was confirmed when I got the memo from Neil Lane–Victorian elongate foliate earrings and a slew of bracelets. It was also mentioned that a ruby and diamond bypass ring was worn and I wish I got to see a close-up!

Ruth Negga in Fred Leighton x Gemfields

The dress surely looked out of this world–sort of space age chic and the head-turning bracelet was all I ever wanted to be paired with it. It is a custom created Fred Leighton piece set with a Gemfields ruby which weighs 25.51 carats and ethically sourced in Mozambique. A powerful statement made in one bracelet.

*all photos via Getty Images, and/or supplied by the jewelry brands themselves


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