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Weekday Wardrobe — When Shoes Are Just As Important As Rings

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If you know me or read my blog, it is apparent that I love jewelry, especially rings. When it comes to fashion–like clothing and accessories–I’m the type of person to look for a deal or purchase online at places that feature trendy clothing mostly under $100, often called “fast fashion.”  I look at jewelry as investment pieces, and I know fashion and accessories can be as well, but I have a tough time putting my money into cotton fabric and other materials. Gold is gold and diamonds are diamonds!

In that same breadth, I’ve been really into buying shoes lately and experimenting with different styles. They truly can change an entire look, from a simple outfit to a memorable one! I’m obsessed with these two pairs I recently got from Tobi.com — the Alie Nude Lucite Peep Toe Booties & the Faye Feather Ankle Strap Heels. I took a pair of fishnet socks and wore them underneath the lucite booties to give the look some texture–and the feathers are just so pretty. I love feathers in fashion; like a splash of feathers on a shoe like this or a small clutch purse done in feathers–totally statement-making.

Thought this would be a different take on my normal Weekday Wardrobe posts and hope you like it! Here are the details on my two ring looks and you can shop my shoes below by clicking on the photos!

Lucite Look Rings:

1 — elongated diamond ring from Miami Antique Show 2017

2 — sapphire and diamond alternative engagement ring from Maejean Vintage, stone cut by TopNotch Faceting

3 — gold wave ring from Cleopatra’s Barge Fine Jewelry in Naples, FL

4 — diamond elongated ring from Hampton Estate Jewelry

5 — wide Eye of Warrior ring from Communion by Joy

6 — various baby rings used as pinky rings and midi-rings

Feather Heel Rings: 

1 — tiny cameo ring from eBay

2 — mid-size cameo ring from Ageless Heirlooms

3 — different sized baby rings on one pinky

4— “Feel the Love” pinky ring by Jessie V E

5 — large Victorian onyx brooch converted into a ring


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