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Weekday Wardrobe — Same But Different

I knew this week would fly by quickly, which is what usually happens when you have an upcoming trip to prepare for!  I wanted to take some time out from the whirlwind week and make sure I styled a ring look for the day, and document it to hold myself accountable for that goal. So here is a roundup of all my looks for the week, Monday-Friday. This project made me explore new pieces and pair up rings I’ve never thought to before.  Here’s the breakdown of each day:

Monday: (Above) I started my week out with a one-on-one workout session with Jen Diaz, hence the workout gear. I never wear jewelry when I workout, so this is post-workout. I’m wearing an Art Deco star sapphire and enamel elongated ring from Oakgem, a bi-colored quartz ring from LFrank Jewelry, a custom opal ring from Communion by Joy, paired with a carved onyx ring that is currently for sale!

Weekday Wardrobe Gem Gossip

Tuesday:(Above) I had lots of conference calls today and had to get my hair done in the morning. I’m wearing a bi-colored tourmaline from Sona Weaver, a Gemini Twins vintage enamel ring from eBay, an opal ring from Levy’s and a diamond bow ring from eBay.

Weekday Wardrobe Gem Gossip

Wednesday: (Above) Had another workout session and worked on the blog. We tried a new restaurant called Health Sushi and we loved it! I wore an elongated diamond ring from BlueStone Trading, an opal vintage ring from the Las Vegas Antique Show, and a turquoise cluster from the Nashville Flea Market.

Weekday Wardrobe Gem Gossip

Thursday: (Above) I recorded a Thursday Tutorial which took me almost the entire day! I had just emailed with Joy from Communion by Joy, so I got out one of her rings I own and wore it (middle finger)! My ring finger is my Gram’s ring she passed down to me and my pointer is from Rick of DiamondsnDeco.

Friday: (Above) Was in a Friday mood, obviously, and went with a machine gun ring paired with my engagement ring and a long diamond ring from HopeSparkles personal collection. I had dog-sitting duty and I wasn’t going to skimp on the jewels!

Hope you enjoyed this roundup of my weekly looks! Should I do more posts like this? Let me know in the comment section!

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