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Vintage Jewels: Piano Playing Combo


This shot taken from a 1930s film called Always Goodbye is a great example of Art Deco jewelry. Actress Elissa Landi poses at a piano wearing diamond and pearl stud earrings, a multiple strand pearl necklace, along with a couple of bracelets, including a 5-strand pearl bracelet with gemstone clasp. The synopsis of the film declares that the movie is about a girlfriend of a gentleman crook who falls in love with a diamond merchant. Makes me want to see the movie even more. These antique jewels from Dover Jewelry will give you a similar look–check them out!






Diamond bezel earclips with pearls hanging below–more specifically South Sea pearls! Each pearl is approximately 10mm hanging from 18k gold bezel diamonds that are 0.40 carats each. Priced at $1699 from Dover Jewelry. dsc_003012










This gorgeous double-strand choker from the 1920s has the most beautiful clasp–set with a 1.25 carat Old European cut diamond! Such a pretty piece alone, the clasp really outdoes itself! Priced at $5999 from Dover Jewelry. dscn665711









Platinum diamond and sapphire bracelet with approximately eight carats of diamonds which are all Old European cut. The motif on this bracelet looks very similar to the pearl bracelet clasp in the picture. This bracelet is $13499 from Dover Jewelry.









Rose cut diamonds accentuate this Edwardian bracelet, dating it back to turn of the century! Pearls line the bracelet all set in 18k yellow gold and silver. Priced at $11999 from Dover Jewelry.