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Top Five Online Antique Jewelry Shops, Part Two

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This is my updated list of the top five online antique jewelry shops, which I blogged about back in 2013. I figured the list needs some updating as a couple of the shops I’ve listed are inactive now and I also had eBay on my list, however I would not recommend eBay anymore because the jewelry that is on there now is either junk or overlypriced items that have been on there for years. There are also a lot of Georgian reproductions on eBay and it is difficult to police. 

One thing remains true: I’ve continued to grow my personal collection mostly because of online finds. Since 2013, a lot has changed and the popularity of Instagram has really garnered a lot of antique jewelry fans to connect on there, where trading and showing off latest finds has been quite extensive. You can quickly learn where the top spots are to find or buy antique jewelry, however the best spots remain secretive to most collectors!

Below are my current TOP FIVE FAVORITES:

1. EBTH — this website is auction-based, however it is like searching out the best estate sales from around the US in the comfort of your home

2. Fox & Bond — love their curation and everything is beautifully photographed, constantly updated

3. MetierSF — their inventory continually is top-notch and I want literally everything they have

4. Maejean Vintage — an awesome mix of fashion and fine jewelry, perfect for gift-giving season too!

5. Ruby Lane — I prefer Ruby Lane over Etsy personally as I have found more deals on there, a lot of seasoned veterans sells on Ruby Lane




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