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Ten Jewels I Wanted to Take Home with Me from Couture 2018

Last year, one of my most favorite posts from Couture was the roundup of five pieces I would want for my personal collection. It was interesting to go from two different mind sets, with one focusing on over-the-top pieces that would get people to stop from scrolling on Instagram, to another which really wondered, what would I want to buy if I were shopping at this show?!  Both ways of thinking are definitely fun and I wanted to create another list from this year’s Couture Show.  This time since picking five was difficult to narrow down to only as many as one could count on one hand, I doubled my duty to ten!  So here are ten pieces I wanted to take home with me from Couture 2018!

Jade Trau | Gem Gossip

1 — vintage-inspired charms from Jade Trau: of course I am immediately drawn to the vintage-inspired pieces but how could you not be, these are so great! This combination with the key charm, fob and crescent diamond pendants are totally drawing me in. They could be worn on a long or mid-size chain and be your signature look.

See the Jade Trau website.

Arman | Gem Gossip

2 — a locket from Arman Sarkisyan: lockets were my first love in the jewelry world, so they will continually hold a sweet spot for me. Not too many designers do lockets and whenever I see Arman’s, I can see instant sentiment, heirloom-appeal and forever treasured. The problem for me would be trying to pick which one I like best and also deciding what photo to put inside!

See the Arman Sarkisyan website.

Ark | Gem Gossip

3 — a ring from Ark: this line made waves at Couture and seeing the stacks in person really just made me want one for myself! Of course, I wouldn’t know which one in particular, but I do really like the double stack I created out of the emerald Quantum ring and the Tiara ring.

See the ARK website.

Nancy Newberg | Gem Gossip

4 — a signature gold cuff from Nancy Newberg: I’m in a bracelet obsessed rage right now, so when I saw Nancy’s cuffs again, I had a whole new appreciation for them. The box cuff of hers is done in 14k yellow gold and I stacked two matching twist bar cuffs on either side to make a bold look. They are comfortable and so chic!

See the Nancy Newberg website.

Jane Taylor | Gem Gossip

5 — a rainbow wave of rings from Jane Taylor Jewelry: Couture left me wanting to add more COLOR to my jewelry wardrobe and these juicy jewels were by far the happiest and most colorful. I just can’t decide between long baguettes or channel set squares…or rounds?!  Luckily I don’t think you can go wrong! I also really like their new pave huggie hoops, done in a variety of colors. You gotta check them out!

See the Jane Taylor website.

Doryn Wallach | Gem Gossip

6 — an Art Deco-Inspired ring from Doryn Wallach: my inner flapper girl wants to give Doryn a big hug for having the roaring 20s be her main muse when creating these pieces. Her home decor background also has influence, which I can see when she points out little details and shows a photo of an antique chair, which ties everything together. I love how she doesn’t shy away from being bold and daring with her designs.

See the Doryn Wallach website.

Wwake | Gem Gossip

7 — anything from WWAKE: load up my ear with her layer-ready studs, stack up her new Monolith rings because I’m dying over each one, or pile on her gem-studded necklaces in varying lengths; I’ve never met a piece from Wwake that I didn’t like. Whether my current mood is a photo of Pikachu eating ketchup or the scene from The Staircase where the powerpoint presentation was going to hell in a handbag quick, I will forever have eyes for Wwake’s jewels.

See the Wwake website. 

Colette | Gem Gossip

8 — these colorful navette rings from Colette Jewelry: it’s no secret that navette silhouettes are a personal favorite of mine when it comes to rings! I have a lot of antique ones but would love a new version like these–and best of all, the rainbow trend is infused throughout these pieces, so I have color to add to my jewelry wardrobe as well.

See the Colette Jewelry website.

TAP by Todd Pownell | Gem Gossip

9 — one amazing piece from TAP by Todd Pownell: Todd’s booth should be equipped with oxygen masks because it can easily take your breath away. If you take a look at one single piece, examining it from top to bottom, back to front, every crevice will have you in awe. Now, put about a hundred plus pieces in one booth and prepare to be amazed. If I could own simply one piece, I would be a happy person!

See the TAP by Todd Pownell website. 

Jamie Joseph | Gem Gossip

10 — a “Power Ring” from Jamie Joseph: I’ve been attending Couture for six years and every time I went by Jamie’s booth it would be mobbed! I knew all about the allure of these rings but I never got to see for myself. Finally after six years, I got to experience them and now I’m hooked. These one-of-a-kind rings are magical with each gem handcut by Jamie’s husband Jeremy.

See the Jamie Joseph website. 


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All photos taken by Lauren Newman Photography.