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Top Five Favorite Met Gala Jewelry Looks of 2018

The Met Gala is always my favorite red carpet event to look forward to, mostly because such emphasis is put on fashion. I always know there will be over-the-top interpretations of the theme, in terms of what is worn, with accessories, with jewelry, with hair and with makeup! This year’s theme was Heavenly Bodies: Fashion & The Catholic Imagination, which coincides with The Costume Institute’s Spring 2018 exhibition – at The Met and the Met Cloisters –will feature dialogue between fashion and medieval art and examine fashion’s ongoing engagement with the devotional practices and traditions of Catholicism. I anticipated crosses and stained glass windows to come to life, and what I saw blew me away!

Here are my TOP FIVE favorite jewelry looks of the night:

Katherine Langford Met Gala

Katherine Langford wearing Fred Leighton jewels, looking radiant as ever in a bright red Prada dress. I love the details of her fingers being dipped in gold–with two huge antique rings, one on each hand. I also love her bold gold earrings and of course, the bracelets were perfection.

Rihanna Met Gala

Rihanna never disappoints and she took this year’s theme, perfected it and served some looks. Her headpiece made heads turn, but for me it was all about her crucifix necklace which happens to be by Cartier and made in 1936. The necklace features a dove and further features a crucifix, all done in pearls, opals, diamonds, moonstones. It’s amazing. To add even more to the look, Rihanna layered in a diamond riviere necklace from Kentshire.

Amber Heard Met Gala

Another lady in red, Amber Heard, was definitely a favorite for me! She was wearing Beladora Jewelry, some stud earrings by Jen Meyer Jewelry and a BUNCH of rings with gold nail polish. I love this shot of her rings which I posted on Twitter.

Katharine McPhee Met Gala

Katharine McPhee had to be on my list because I was hoping someone would drape themselves in necklaces and bracelets like she did! She wore lots of Virgins Saints & Angels jewelry, which is the epitome of the theme!

Eiza Gonzalez Met Gala

Eiza Gonzalez might be my favorite of the night, as I loved both her dress, jewelry and makeup details. The jewelry is by TASAKI, a Japanese brand and the layering of the necklaces is outstanding.

Photos via Getty Images.