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Three Trends for Spring with Jewelry From Ross-Simons

Ross Simons | Gem Gossip

Ross Simons | Gem Gossip

Spring is in the air — can you feel it (smell it, at least)?! I love this time of year because the trees down here in Nashville blossom the prettiest colors — stark white, bright pink, electric purple…it is a feast for your eyes! It is also a great time to start wearing bracelets and rings again, as the weather starts to warm up and we don’t have lots of layers covering up our wrists and hands. I like to scope out the latest trends as fashion week in Milan and Paris have just wrapped, and I’m seeing some dominating styles that jewelry can really speak volumes for. Ross-Simons is always on the cutting edge of offering jewelry that is both trendy and classic at the same time. They have such a variety, it becomes a fun activity to browse their website or flip through a catalog. I’m always gasping and saying things out loud, like “oh wow that is soo pretty!”

I use the word trends lightly, as I don’t mean something that is going to come and go out of style. I guess a better word would be themes! So when putting these three “jewelry themes” together, I drew inspiration from the latest fashion weeks, some stylists I like to follow, some magazines that I love, as well as my own take. I instantly noticed Ross-Simons had jewelry that fit each category and as always, their prices are unbeatable. I can’t tell you enough how much I love this brand (and have been writing about them since the beginning) and so happy to have this new partnership going.

Anyway, here are the THREE JEWELRY TRENDS along with shoppable links to my picks. The jewelry that is featured above in the photos I took will be marked with an *asterisk, to help you differentiate!



I’ve been seeing bold, Italian-inspired gold jewelry looks all over the runways and on street style websites. You don’t have to go on a European vacation in order to find this look, Ross-Simons has you covered! Layer in some thicker Byzantine pieces in your current stack to try this trend out. Byzantine gold chains are textured, braided and are named for the era they were first seen in, the Byzantine Empire.

14k yellow gold 4mm Byzantine Necklace, Price: $595

*14k yellow gold Byzantine Bracelet, Price: $499

*14k yellow gold Skinny Byzantine Bolo Bracelet, Price: $299

14k yellow gold Byzantine Hoop Earrings, Price: $295

14k yellow gold Thick Byzantine Bracelet, Price: $995



If I had to choose one gemstone that I keep seeing and is totally catching my eye, it would be lapis! This opaque gemstone instantly adds a cool feeling to any jewelry look and browsing through what Ross-Simons has to offer currently is SO good!  A lapis stretch bracelet, whether you add one or five, can give your bracelet stack a fun twist. I also love these earrings I picked — they will take your breath away if you buy them because they did for me! The opal + lapis combo of the pendant I chose is also such a favorite!

*14k yellow gold Italian Lapis 3-Stone Ring with Mesh Band, Price: $269

*Lapis Bead Bracelets, Set of Five, Price: $59.25

*14k yellow gold Opal + Lapis Pendant Accented with Diamonds on Box Chain, Price: $562.50

*14k yellow gold Lapis + Blue Topaz Open Circle Dangle Drop Earrings, Price: $243.75

Lapis Beaded Bracelets with 14k yellow gold Ball Details, Price: $99



If you’ve never tried out antique or estate jewelry, I would be shocked, however now is the best time to start! Ross-Simons has an estate section that is constantly changing, with new pieces added all the time. You can find things from the late 1800s on up to a few years ago! These are my top picks from their current inventory; each being one-of-a-kind so they won’t last long! I’m loving bold necklaces, opals, onyx and textured gold.

*14k yellow gold Circa 1950s Black Onyx + Blue Zircon Vintage Ring with Diamonds, Price: $371.25

*14k yellow gold Circa 1950s Black Onyx + 0.50 carat Diamond Ring, Price: $1496.25

14k yellow gold Circa 1940s Fringe Bib Necklace, Price: $3296.25

18k white gold Circa 2000 Opal + Diamond Necklace, Price: $2996.25

18k yellow gold Circa 1990 Vintage John Hardy Doorknocker Earrings, Price: $2096.25


This sponsored blog post was brought to you in collaboration with Ross-Simons. 



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