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The Three Graces Launches New Look, New Website!

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As long as I can remember, The Three Graces was my online fantasy world of jewels.  Established in 2002, owner Lisa Stockhammer-Mial has always been someone I highly admired based on the fact that she loves antique jewelry and has single-handedly made this passion her life.  And oh what a life it has been!  Continuously working hard to bring her clients the best of the best in terms of antique jewelry, Lisa scours the US and Europe for new finds.  Just as I have been loyally coming back to her website since day one, I can connect with her passion and see it come out in the pages online at TheThreeGraces.com.  What I’ve always enjoyed about my online experience with their website is how chock-full of education it is regarding jewelry. In the very beginning of my jewelry career, The Three Graces’ website taught me so much—at that point in my life, I could hardly afford groceries for the week, so although I wasn’t planning on purchasing anything, I always came back for the learning experience and eye candy.  Years later, it is the sincerity of a passion that has kept me as a fan and now a client.  It is what every solid business should set out to accomplish and I experienced it first-hand.

Improving and revinventing is an aspect for so many businesses and brands, and is a lot harder than most would think.  The stars have to align, timing is everything and decisions have to be made.  Change, especially if you’ve been doing something a certain way for many years, is often very difficult.  The Three Graces decided to make some changes—several, actually—and have clearly nailed it with their “makeover.”  Some of these changes include a new logo (which went from an image of The Three Graces taken from a 7th century enamel slide bracelet to a more modern golden, circular image of the letters T & G) a complete redesign of their website (several new features for even easier transactions), and lots of new lifestyle images that feature the jewelry worn as well as editorial style photos. 

The Three Graces has added some features to their newly unveiled website that I love—like “New Markdowns” section. Although not new, but equally ingenious, the “What’s Selling” section where customers can request to put a specific item on hold.  If you happen to see the ring of your dreams on hold, don’t get down immediately—it may still become available!  Of course, the “New Arrivals” section is my favorite and checked on often—The Three Graces updates this section a few times per day!  Their “Jewelry Archive” features over 100 pages of past sold items that any jewelry enthusiast would love to pore over.  Sometimes a picture, no matter how many angles are shown, cannot do a piece of jewelry justice—so The Three Graces has added videos to several listings where you can view the sparkle in action!  

The newly launched website and new look only enhances The Three Graces experience. The impeccable customer service and expertise remains priority.  I’m excited to see what else is to come in the future for this company and so glad that I’ve become a lifelong customer, where it first began with stumbling upon the website.  

Check out the newly launched website, TheThreeGraces.com