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The Sunday Paper


The weeks are passing by so quickly–everyday it gets darker a bit earlier, and a littler cooler than it was before.  Brooches are not a top pick for many jewelry collectors and they were never my favorite.  It was only until my first purchase of this Victorian brooch with enameling that I became an overnight fan. I like the immense versatility of brooches–you can seriously pin them anywhere you’d like.  So far I’ve used mine on button up shirts, to close a cardigan, pinned to a suede headband, and on purses (like above).  I’ve seen tiny Victorian bar pins that I think are so beautiful, I am on the hunt!

Do any of you have bar pins?  Any bar pin collectors out there?

bigFulvia Green Gold_Zoom-1225382914


My Pick of the Week:

The Fulvia ring from Wendy Brandes’ Jewelry Collection. This ring is done in 18k yellow gold with an exquisite 6.5 carat green tourmaline. Anyone who would wear this ring would put me under a spell–I wouldn’t be able to take my eyes off of it! I love the architectural design of the ring, it goes so well with the tourmaline’s cut and color. Price: $5000



My eBay Pick of the Week:

I’ve had my eye on necklaces of this style: sort of like a bib but not that drastic. This one is from eBay seller: doverjewelry whom I’ve purchased from before, very reputable. The necklace is done in 14k rose gold with a single buttercup set diamond. Love the filigree work (sidenote: you can have a fun time typing in keyword: filigree into eBay). Only thing, I wish the necklace length were a bit longer. Wonder who the lucky high bidder will be?!