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The Best Jewelry from the 2018 Oscars

Zendaya Oscars 2018 Zendaya Oscars 2018

I was excited to see gowns, glamour, and most importantly JEWELS at the Oscars this year! As I tuned in from my computer, trying to decipher which live feed wouldn’t fail on me mid-tweet, I quietly recalled a time when I had full cable access and channel surfed freely. But I didn’t let that stop me from enjoying the celebrities, the proactive conversations, and falling in love with Rita Moreno, who at the age of 86, walked the red carpet like she was the latest It-girl. Truth be told, I made sure to bust out my night cream and applied it vigorously before bed last night, because these women are killing it and making age seem like nothing but a number.

For me, I like to focus on five favorite looks, because if I begin to show you an unlimited amount, my plate gets too full and I overwhelm both myself and you the reader! So let’s focus in on my five favorites of the night, although what seemed like the most daunting task was to narrow down just five. So hey, I’m shooting myself in the foot anyway!

1. Zendaya: I saw a sneak peek of Zendaya’s Oscar jewelry look on Bvlgari’s Instagram page and couldn’t hold my horses to see her on the red carpet! The all-diamond look was a beautiful choice with her dress, as she wore some platinum and diamond pendant earrings by Bvlgari and three insanely beautiful bracelets from their archives. (above)

Gal Gadot Oscars 2018 Gal Gadot Oscars 2018

2. Gal Gadot: The neckline of this sparkly dress lent itself wonderfully and provided the most ideal framework for the show-stopping Tiffany & Co. necklace. At first glance, I thought it was an antique piece from the Art Deco period, which is exactly where Tiffany got its inspiration from when designing and creating it. Named the Blue Ice necklace, it is a part of the Tiffany Blue Book Collection of jewels. On Instagram, Tiffany & Co. also posted a behind-the-scenes photos of Gal wearing the necklace layered with a nearly matching choker, and THAT look would have been bananas if she wore them together for the Oscars.

Greta Gerwing Oscars 2018 Greta Gerwing Oscars 2018

3. Greta Gerwing: Another amazing Tiffany & Co. red carpet appearance was made with director Greta Gerwing, as she wore a piece from the Tiffany archives collection. The festoon necklace had draping chains and accented with moonstones, a gem we don’t typically see on the red carpet, but obviously should see more of! I absolutely love the contrast of the dress color with this particular necklace.

Camila Alves Oscars 2018 Camila Alves Oscars 2018

4. Camila Alves: I know I cropped out Matthew McConaughey from the one photo, but if you saw their full look on the red carpet, you may have noticed the colored gemstones in the necklace matched the bowtie he was wearing. The necklace is SO stunning! I don’t know the details on it, but the purple/red color combo made it slide into my top five!

Sofia Carson Oscars 2018 Sofia Carson Oscars 2018

5. Sofia Carson: One of the first people to walk the red carpet on Oscars evening, however I honestly didn’t know who she was and had to Google her! I just thought the red flowing dress paired with this Chopard collar necklace that looked like hundreds of snowflakes intertwined was so beautiful it deserved to be in my top five! I also liked how the look featured a pair of giant diamond stud earrings (long dangles wouldn’t really work with the collar necklace and no earrings at all would just be boring)!


*all photos via Getty Images, and/or supplied by the jewelry brands themselves


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