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10 Jewelry Trends You Should Try This Year

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Personalized pieces are very popular right now — this center medallion is from Walters Faith, they make lots of great pieces that are engraveable. Mine is called the Dora Disc charm, with block lettering.

Gem Gossip

Duality chains are also a current favorite — this is where there’s two chain styles in one necklace. I wanted to try this trend because it easily translates as a classic look, so I went for the Blooming Necklace from Dharma Jewelry.

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Color schemes are another trend — here we have one of my favorites: purple!

Gem Gossip

I’ve been writing my blog Gem Gossip for almost 13 years now, and with a tagline of “endless talk of all things sparkly” it’s no exaggeration that I’m constantly enthralled by jewelry. I can’t get jewelry off my mind and after all these years, my obsession has never been stronger. One aspect about jewelry that I like to explore is making lists of current trends and figuring out how to adapt them into my own personal style. Not every trend is for everyone — I think the key is to try out jewelry styles that are popular if you like them and then remix it in your own way!

Trends come and go, and with fine jewelry you don’t want to buy into fast-fleeting trends only to have your investment go “out of style” quickly. Luckily, I’ve put together a list below of ten current jewelry trends that I think are safe bets to try and will continue to be popular. As always I encourage you to put your own spin onto them and find the more “classic” end of these.

Here are some of the hottest trends currently happening in jewelry:

1 — pieces that attach & detach easily (like charms and clips)

Anything from charms you can wear on your hoop earrings to clips for necklaces to hold a collection of charms, these are all very popular right now. Several jewelry designers have created special “hinges” that can attach and detach to all types of chains, ideal for any jewelry collector to create their own unique look.


As far as metals, yellow gold still remains supreme. Probably the only instance where white metal may be preferred is with diamonds.

3 — Pearls

This elusive organic gem truly surprised me with its surge in popularity. From baroque pearl dangle earrings, to unique pearl drop pendants, we’ve seen this trend ignite this past year. I thought it was on its way out until recently when Ariana Grande got engaged with a pearl and diamond ring.

4 — Layers of necklaces

This may come as no surprise if you frequent Instagram’s jewelry community. Everyone is obsessed with creating a “neck mess” and adding to theirs by buying unique chains and fun charms. Wearing “too much” is never an issue.

5 — mixing textures, not metals

Mixing and matching is still very en vogue, but in a more contrasting way. In the jewelry world, mixing different metal textures and styles is the equivalent to mixing patterns in fashion, and it is a relatively new trend. Designers are using different finishes to level up an ordinary polished piece of jewelry.

6 — “curated” ears, dainty studs and multi-pierced look

Every ear is different in terms of shape and number of piercings, so every jewelry lover who wants to style their ear with a unique earring combination is looking for something that fits their own. Multiple ear piercings have continued to be popular, giving mini stud earrings a time to shine.

7 — paper clip chains

Probably the hottest item of the holiday season — the paper clip chain. Named for its thin, long resemblance to a handy office supply, this type of chain is hardly a fly by night trend. It truly is an investment piece that is just as timeless as a pair of classic gold hoops.

8 — gypsy set rings, bold dome rings

If you keep a close watch over engagement ring trends, you may have been surprised by the gypsy set style that flooded Instagram last year. Many people were drawn to the boldness of this style, which bezel sets a gemstone into a dome-like setting. The key takeaway for this, along with most of 2020, is comfort wins!

9 — maximalism, bold, chunky

While we are on the topic of trends of the past, remember when dainty and delicate jewelry was all the rage a handful of years ago? We’ve been slowly making the turn to bold and chunky, with statement pieces really becoming more and more popular. This makes my maximalism heart sing.

10 — one-of-a-kind gemstones, special cuts or carvings

A trend I took from my trip to Tucson last year was the importance of one-of-a-kind gems, especially unique fantasy cuts or carvings. Consumers are craving something no one else has and sometimes the focus can be put on the stones themselves. I’ve loved finding different gemstone artists to follow on Instagram and appreciate their variety of styles with cutting