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Summer Jewelry Tips & Ideas #LoveGold

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Summer has arrived!  Hot temperatures, pool parties, amusement parks, outdoor concerts, bonfires, BBQ sauce…all of which are involved in a perfect summer, but need special attention when it comes to picking out jewelry.  I am here to help!  My top five tips to summer jewelry choices are below.  I’ve styled four outfits, using my five tips as well!  These outfits reflect typical summer time events, both casual and dressy.  

 Summer Jewelry Tips:

  1. Jewelry with no gemstones or one large gemstone is better during summer–especially at a BBQ or the beach!  Slathering on sunblock or dripping BBQ sauce on jewelry is easier to clean if it is all gold.
  2. Hot temperatures usually cause your fingers to swell!  Make sure you realize this when picking out rings to wear.  Stacking lots of tight-fitting rings is not a good idea!  Use windex to help slide rings that won’t budge right off!  
  3. Yellow gold looks amazing with tanned skin!  Invest in a few statement-making pieces done in 18k yellow gold for a great look.
  4. Summer heat will make you want to wear your hair up!  With the cute top-knots that are very popular right now, larger earrings are ideal.  I’ve picked a couple of pretty pairs above.
  5. Pool party invitations don’t mean you have to keep your best jewels behind!  Although  chlorine + gold should NOT mix, if you don’t plan on going underwater you still can wear some nice earrings and a necklace.  

Above looks: (all outfits are from NastyGal.com)

HOORSENBUHS Phantom Ring, 18k yellow gold, $3800, barneys.com

Large filigree body chain, 14k yellow gold, $2315, Jacquie Aiche

 – – – – –

Ed Wiener circa 1950s pearl necklace, 14k yellow gold, $2200, 1stdibs

Art Deco Scarab ring, 14k yellow gold, $2995, A. Brandt & Son

Vintage Gucci ring, yellow gold, $875, A. Brandt & Son

  – – – – –

The Blake Bar Earrings, 14k yellow gold, $780, Lana Jewelry

Shield Signet ring, 18k yellow gold, $3100, Jennifer Fisher Jewelry

Double Finger Bar ring, 14k yellow gold, $624, Zoe Chicco

  – – – – –

Gurhan Large Lotus Earrings, 24k yellow gold, $3500, Ylang|23

Gurhan Coil Ring, 24k yellow gold, $2040, Fragments

Gurhan Five Ring set, 24k yellow gold, $1400, Fragments


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