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Start Your Antique Jewelry Collection at Fellows Auctions

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They say, “It’s never too late to start” and I believe that saying wholeheartedly.  If you’ve ever wanted to start collecting antique jewelry, but didn’t know when or where to begin–well, today is your chance!  Start somewhere!  To begin, pick up a book, or read some Gem Gossip archives.  Knowledge on the subject will help you when buying and will also steer you in a style direction.  I’ve compiled a lovely list of book on antique jewelry here.  When you feel like you’re ready to buy your first piece, Fellows Auctions is the perfect outlet for a beginner.  Their auctions are saturated with items for all types of collectors, at different levels within the collecting realm.  Whether you are advanced and already have hundreds of items in your tightly curated collection, Fellows has some rare and hard-to-find pieces.  Or if you’re a novice collector and have lots of lower budget items and are finally starting to delve into higher-ticket jewels.  And finally, for that beginner–Fellows Auctions has all kinds of staple pieces to begin a collection, as well as common antique motif items that are essential for every antique jewelry collector.

If you’re ready to start, Fellows Auction has a sale in their Vintage & Modern Jewellery category on January 15th, 2015 that will satisfy whichever level of collector you are!  Some gorgeous pieces in various price ranges, lots of essential pieces, and even rare items for the discerning collector.  Here are my favorites for each level:

For the beginner:

Lot 1: An essential pair of cluster stud earrings are great for a beginner–these feature beautiful emeralds surrounded by diamonds in 18k, so pretty!

Lot 8: If you want to collect antique jewelry and don’t have a snake ring yet, you need one!  I love this style more than others out there because of the large width the ring has, created by the multiple coils.

Lot 45: Turquoise and yellow gold is another necessity for a collector, and I love this necklace because it also features a bow.  Such a fun motif to collect!

Lot 243: This Victorian seed pearl and diamond ring is a great starter piece for a collection of Victorian sentimental rings.  The ring is in great condition, so it will last forever.

For the novice:

Lot 106: Victorian bangles can be fun to collect and this one is unique because of the oval cut aquamarines and topazes.  Definitely a good find for a novice collector!

Lot 359: A cluster ring is necessary for a collector, and I love this one because not only is it antique, it is sapphire and diamonds.  That gemstone combination is timeless and a good thing to invest in!

Lot 452: As a novice collector, if you want to start buying more items that are older than Victorian, this is a great piece.  All rose cut diamonds set in silver, done in a cluster brooch.  

Lot 522: This pair of turn-of-the-century gold dangle earrings have a cool fringe aspect that was popular during this time period.  They are a great example and have a moderate price tag for a novice collector.

For the expert:

Lot 146: This pendant is rare for its age (late 19th Century) and its great condition it is in–all the rose cut diamonds are all intact, even the turquoise too.  It is silver-topped and is just beautiful!

Lot 172: An incredible old diamond cluster ring, for those holding out for the perfect antique diamond cluster ring–this is it!  The side detailing is gorgeous and the diamond weight is there: 3.60 ctw.  It is even Russian in origin, how cool!

Lot 455: A moss agate piece like this is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime find!  The agate has such a unique pattern, and is cut perfectly to display it!  The diamonds surrounded the agate just light it up in the prettiest way possible.

Lot 464: As I’ve been saying, cluster rings are important in every antique jewelry collection!  This aquamarine and diamond cluster is of magnificient quality, something an expert collector would love to have!

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