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Sparkle like Cameron Diaz


Cameron Diaz shined at a recent event…look at her beautiful jewelry choices! I love how she wore two very large rings on one finger. It is unexpected and shows what a trendsetter she is. I’ve scoped out the most similar jewelry lookalikes so that even you can shine like Cameron. Check them out!


We will start with the gorgeous, large gold flower ring. The one Cameron is wearing resembles a Hawaiian Hibiscus flower, like the one above. And since we all know she loves Hawaii and surfing, it may very well be! This ring is 14k yellow gold and is $269, from Hawaii City–which specializes in Hawaiian jewelry.


The second ring on Cameron’s finger is a large, yellow gold ring with a white stone. I am thinking the stone is mother-of-pearl. I found this button pearl ring by Gabrielle Sanchez–button pearls are flatter than a normal pearl. This one is done in 18k yellow gold and is $1100. It can be purchased at Joseph’s boutique.


A diamond encrusted horseshoe necklace is great for any occasion, and Cameron’s finishes off her jewelry ensemble. The one above is from Heavenly Treasures and is .36 carats. This particular one is great because you can choose 16 inch, 18 inch, or 20 inch chain, as well as white or yellow gold. Prices range from $698-745.