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Sixteen Pieces You’ll Go Nuts Over! Fellows Antique & Modern Sale, 5/14/15

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Around this time last year I was headed to London for a jewelry adventure!  Perusing antique shops, gazing into store windows and bargaining my way through Portobello Road was one heck of a trip!  And most importantly, an expensive one!  This year, taking a trip like that is out of the question, so what is a treasure hunting fiend like myself to do?!  Sit at home and bid online with Fellows Auctions!  Their selection is just as diverse, interesting and unique as the best antique haunts in London, and treasure hunting from your home allows you to make up for all those costly travel expenses in the form of more jewelry!  

This month’s Antique & Modern Sale is scheduled for Thursday, May 14, 2015 and features such a great selection I had to show everyone my top sixteen pieces!  Sixteen may be a large number in terms of playing favorites, but there were just too many good ones to leave out!  

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Lot 8: A picture-perfect Georgian ring featuring a foiled-back emerald and rose cut diamonds set in silver, with a 15k gold band.  The detailing on this ring is beautiful and it is all-original!  Such great condition!

Lot 9: Flowing lines and enameled nature, paired with natural pearls are all definite motifs of the Art Nouveau period of jewelry–this is a nice example of the era.  The brooch features pearls, a diamond and green enameling.

Lot 43: Chunking and broad, a cluster ring from the Georgian period–although masculine in form–can be one of the most elegant pieces within one’s collection!  This ring features rose cut diamonds which are foil-backed and its new owner will breathe some life into this piece!

Lot 45: I’ve always wanted a micromosaic piece of jewelry in my collection.  Most have typical motifs within the micromosaic, however this is the first for me to see a sort of sea creature being depicted.  Makes this brooch even more special!  I also am obsessed with the green coloring.

Lot 64: Talk about the sweetest sentimental piece of jewelry I’ve ever come across!  This REGARD locket is set with gemstones which spell out the word REGARD using the first letter of each gemstone name, and best yet the backside is beautifully hand-done using an Etruscan technique.  I also love the style of two chains extending from each side of the heart, attached to an ornate jump ring.

Lot 79: Victorian hearts and arrows are extremely symbolic and such treasures!  I love this brooch which is set with a carbuncle garnet and seed pearls. There’s even a rose cut diamond set in the middle of the heart!

Lot 119: A Victorian snake necklace is a must for every collector!  This one is truly unique because it is set with a cabochon cut shape specially created for the necklace!  There are three pieces of garnet crafted to fit the necklace. The diamond eyes are a nice touch!

Lot 177: This precious black enamel 18k gold heart locket is so cute!  The front is set with a sapphire and diamonds, and the black enameling is in excellent condition!  The locket is currently empty and needs a keepsake photo stat!

Lot 192: Delicate dangles–these turquoise and pearl earrings are light and airy, just right for summer!  They are attached with ear wires for easy wear. Can you imagine these being worn with a pretty sundress?!

Lot 286: How insane is this carved jade Buddha ring?!  I love the uniqueness of this piece–I’ve never seen anything like it!  Even the diamonds on the crown are entirely fitting and make the piece that much more cool!

Lot 358: I can never do a “favorites” list without including a classic pearl and diamond cluster ring and I always fall for the Victorian ones.  This one is a happy medium between delicate and bold!

Lot 372: I gasped when I saw this ring!  Bright blue enamel is an ideal backdrop to a pattern of diamonds…and of course, I love the large elongated shape. This may potentially hurt my pocketbook!

Lot 384: A good snake ring is getting harder to come by nowadays…this one has all the neat features a collector looks for.  Scales, a double shank, a unique coil and gemset head/eyes…all factor in on making this a rare collectible!

Lot 471: I can’t put into words why exactly I love this zircon pendant, but I do!  You ever fall in love with something and don’t know why?!  This piece radiates that for me–just one bright zircon and some diamonds.  Maybe it is the shape…

Lot 485: A painted Alpine scene, often done during the mid-19th century as souvenir jewelry, is something I’ve been wanting to add to my collection. This one is extra special because of the blue enameling and the swirly frame.  Just stunning.

Lot 622: Last but not least, an antique watch ring.  And this is the kind that belong in a museum!!  Wow.  This one is platinum and set with diamonds and synthetic sapphires.  The age is 1920s, Art Deco.


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