Endless talk of all things sparkly.


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{from top to bottom:

I don’t know what I’m obsessed more over, the stack or the glove…from Wendy Nichol

Cwpoindexter showing me some cocktail baubles if I ever did see

Jewelsdujour and stacks of Betteridge engagement rings, over the top!

Jewelled organizing some new goodies for the London shop Fidra Jewellers

Freemans Auctions prepping for an upcoming sale by showing off some of the main attractions

Catbird always styling, proving dainty and delicate will never go out of style

Camilla Tiger says it is snakes vs. panthers…I wonder who won?

Alexa Taylor wearing her favorites–bi-color tourmaline dangles and a pretty rubellite treat

theshangrilaboutique rocking some Karen Hsiang Jewelry which I can’t get enough of}