Endless talk of all things sparkly.


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{from top to bottom:

Ferguson’s Fine Jewelry has some serious rings in their inventory–loving these

Jewels by Grace met up with Bellflower Bay, This_Is_Ferro and GemstoneGypsy and it was AWESOME

The Eden Collective wearing some of my favorites, especially that 1944 ring, most from her personal collection

Diamonds in the Library met up with Diamond Doodles, GemFever & EatJewels and it was epic 

Lisajshuler shows off some bright blues from items in her shop–some turquoise, some enamel and some aquamarine

Sarahnehama displays some special keepsake mourning/sentimental rings from her personal collection

Jewellery Hannah stacks up some pieces from her shop and others from her own collection

Maelgwns_muse piling on all her favorite rings from her personal collection–I’m dying!!

I guess you can say RingHoarder has a thing for pearls…and rings, obviously}