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Q & A with Shawn Warren Jewelry

Shawn Warren Jewelry

Shawn Warren Jewelry caught my attention with one ring design–the Sage Spine Ring–and I had to know more! As soon as I clicked on her website and browsed the other designs, I was hooked! I truly could not pick a favorite–each one is so good. One thing that I automatically do with Shawn’s designs, that I normally don’t do with any other jewelry line, is I start to formulate outfits based off of each piece. I think her designs are so fashion forward, that they lend themselves naturally to do this. Like the Dagger Earrings or the Memory Wrap Bracelets–I can picture sleek outfits off of the latest Fashion Week runways that would pair perfectly with these pieces! I know you’re dying to know more–



I’m currently focused on developing my core and limited edition collections. My core collection is made up of the essentials, the kind of pieces you buy now and wear forever. The aesthetic centers around clean lines with an organic twist. I am currently expanding my Vine assortment, so you can anticipate the addition of bracelets, chokers, and rings in diamonds (always), as well as sapphires and emeralds (some of my personal favorites).

When it comes to designing my limited edition pieces, I have been fascinated lately with diamonds cut in unique shapes – think rosecuts, old miners, elongated emeralds, slim baguettes—any shape that is a little unconventional and has great color. I’m finding myself drawn to cleaner, more geometric jewelry at the moment, and my aim is to infuse each of those designs with rare-shaped stones, to make each truly one of a kind. 

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It all started with colored pencils. I was never without them as a child, often falling asleep while drawing. I soon discovered pastels, pipe cleaners, and beads – always drawn to the range of color of each new medium. My love of the visual arts continued in college, where I studied Art History. My career path took me away from this passion for many years. I was an advertising executive and a psychotherapist until my love of design prevailed and I started my jewelry business, now almost 15 years ago. With no formal training, I immersed myself in the world of gems, absorbing every detail, and learning everything I could from many mentors along the way. What I ultimately found is that when you love what you do, the learning comes naturally. Now, I could swear I dream in jewelry. It’s like a second language for me, or it’s own world. And there’s no stopping it – I am designing almost all of the time.

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Selling my very first pair of earrings to a dear client (who still collects my work to this day). That thrill, that sense of accomplishment – there’s nothing quite like it.

Shawn Warren Jewelry | Gem Gossip Shawn Warren Jewelry | Gem Gossip


From a creative standpoint, I will continue to develop both my limited edition and core collections. And my overall aim will always be the creation of effortless (yet exquisite) jewelry that makes my clients feel as confident and beautiful as they are. We also just launched a redesign of our website ShawnWarrenJewelry.com, which I hope you will like. It features new collections of items under $1,000, a curated selection of my personal favorite pieces, called “Shawn’s Picks,” and weekly new arrivals. You can also follow us on Instagram @ShawnWarrenJewelry to get an inside look at my design process and see exclusive previews of new pieces.

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My go to necklace is always the Long Dee Charm and typically in rose gold. I layer this with one of my new diamond slice lariats and simply add my favorite Sage Fan Earrings, a few Portia Pavé Bangles and a few rings. This look takes me easily from office meetings to drinks and dinner with my husband or friends in Tribeca.

Shawn Warren Jewelry | Gem Gossip Shawn Warren Jewelry | Gem Gossip

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